Death by Enthusiasm.

So the other day i was attempting to annihilate my 38 item to-do list. That i had made in my enthusiasm for the idea that monday would be a snow day. due to crazy predictions on friday. i mean, holy crap. a sunday and monday snowed in? i could get ALL THE THINGS done. like all 38.

needless to say, we got exactly zero inches of snow and i busted my butt on sunday and got 20 things done. but i literally busted my butt. while swiffering under my table i enthusiastically dropped into a squat and almost took off the part of my butt that crashed into the corner of my wooden chest in the corner. and THEN broke my toe with a wine bottle while enthusiastically throwing my recyclables into an appropriate clear bag.

my enthusiasm is trying to kill me.

and CLEARLY i am never going to get all 38 things since one of them was snowshoe.  in the middle of the pretty pretty blizzard.  that we never got.  i mean, i am as done with winter as the next guy, but if you TELL me that we are going to get a foot of snow…..then give me a foot of snow. Liars.


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