Sherwood Island


This was Miss Olivia’s first outing! (besides the Dr. which we don’t count). And she kind of hated it. see in the picture how she is forcefully sleeping? pretty sure she’s faking it.


in her first 8 weeks she has not proved to be very “outdoorsy”.  she rebels by “sleeping”. although she does sometimes rock out in her outside sleep, so maybe she does approve, but is just genuinely sleepy.


So… Sherwood Island? not an island.  More of a coastal park. which in the right weather may be beautiful, but in post-Sandy, early winter weather? It’s cold. and kinda smelly. but… goal complete.  That means i did all my travel goals but one: the ever elusive Harry Potter land.  That goes on the list-o for next year.


I also re-decorated my blog.  halfheartedly.  but it’s a little better now. so that’s progress.

I’m not quite ready to do a yearly check of my goals, because there is still almost one whole month left.  TONS of time to knock some more out….hypothetically.

whats that? you want more cuteness? ok.

Don't you wish YOU had tights up to your armpits?

Don’t you wish YOU had tights up to your armpits?

Stone cold chillin. with a bow.

Stone cold chillin. with a bow.