Week 51: Christmas. alternate title: I’m a Published Author! sort of.

Such a busy week! i’m torn between doing highlights or just writing about everything. due to my busy day, i think it will be highlights.

Pre-Christmas: Getting fancypants manicures with my momma and sister, making delicious buckeyes, watching muppet christmas carol, admiring the tree, sleeping, eating and drinking a lot.

it's a new trend i swear, not just me being weird...

christmas eve: at my uncles house, approx 30 family and friends. adorable kiddos, esp my nephew. a little game we played all night called “pass the baby”, cocktail sauce for shrimp that blew your head off every other bite, catching up, conversations, and endless eating and drinking.

Chillin with his reindeer

Christmas day! the whole family is finally together and we eat, visit, open presents, drink and repeat. for about 12 hours.

a few great presents:

– my sister made my blog into a book! very rare and limited edition printing. exactly one copy. and it’s great.

– new puffy coat from Zara. puffy enough to be toasty warm, not so puffy i couldn’t get up if i fell down.

looks better in person actually

– bodum travel mug.

loose tea conquered!

-clothes, a whole year of People (!), Gertrude Hawk, nail stickers

– a new sofa table (ahh, getting older while sounding like grandma)

Post Christmas: Planned Celtication, roasted chestnuts (over the fire!), visited friends in from out of town, family poker  night with my bro-in laws  fancy new poker chips and also worked on the Great Sister trip planning. location to be unveiled soon!

side note: i’m pretty sure i eat my recommended yearly allowance of shrimp in one week over christmas.  between TWO nights of shrimp cocktail appetizers, and one night of “angry shrimp” pasta, i must have eaten a 100 little shrimpys. i’m unsure if that is impressive or disgusting.

that may just be all you get. it’s hard to capture the holiday weekend in a blog post when most of the awesomeness is not necessarily things i can capture on film.  and lord knows i’m not good at writing sentimental, feel good, heartfelt emotions.  i do better with snark, self-deprecating humor, and shrewd observations.  the weekend, of course, abounded with a lovely cocktail (mix, stir, and shake) of all of the above.


Week 50: For Serious

1. Why does the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas have to be so short? i mean for serious, where does the time go? it seemed like forever when we were kids, was there like a time warp or something? How are we supposed to fit every holiday festive activity into 4 short weeks? speaking of fitting stuff in (tangent) how do people go to the gym more than 3 days a week? it takes all my scheduling skills just to manage that. and also i can’t believe i have been blogging for 50 weeks, crazy! my one year blogiversary is coming up, yay!

2. Why do people tell me things? it happened numerous times this week, and usually it is not even good friends, just rando acquaintances. which means it is stuff i truly have no business knowing. and  i know for a fact that i do not look that friendly.

example: setting- me just sitting somewhere thinking happy thoughts and at peace with the world.

“hey is everything ok?” someone inquires.

“yeah everything is great!” i reply.

“oh, cause you look really pissed off.” they say.

“Nope.  thats just my face apparently. but now i’m a little pissed.”

for serious that happens frequently.  and yet people still tell me things. secret things, inappropriate things, TMI things. and i am HORRIBLE at keeping a secret.  i’m super tempted to type all i learned this weekend here, but too lazy to figure out how to write everything so it seems properly mysterious.

3. I look good holding a baby.  granted this is something i did not just learn, but it was reinforced SIX times this weekend at a baptism party. (i can’t help myself, i see a baby i just wanna hold it.  Luckily i have friends who see me coming and just pass over their adorable babies) i mean all i was doing was getting a little quality baby cuddling time in and everyone starts giving me the “you look good with a baby, you should get one of your own”. Ok. i’ll get right on that, can i find a good one at Target?  for serious, thanks, but how bout you let me find a man first? a devastatingly handsome man i might add cause we would need to make one hell of a cute baby to compete with the ones around now. no pressure tho.  seriously, my nephew and his little viking best friend are ridic cute.  like i can barely handle it.

4. I’m going to ICELAND! for a bachelorette. like 90% certain.  how awesomepants is that? but for serious, i know nothing about Iceland that i haven’t learned from the Mighty Ducks “Greenland is full of ice, Iceland is very nice”. so if anyone has trip suggestions lemme know 🙂

Obsession: STILL the sally hansen salon effects nail stickers.  put on Misbehaved, like fishnets over gold, last sunday and it has only chipped a little (at 8 days) and i got like a billion compliments this weekend.  i think the trick is to really follow the directions and buff your nails with the file provided, then swipe nail polish remover on before application to ensure there is no oil on ur nails and that makes them really stick.

Movie News: The new Sherlock Holmes.  super action packed and entertaining.  but i literally have no idea what the plot was besides “Moriarty is doing something nefarious”, and “Robert Downey Jr. is delightful”. oh, and “urban camouflage”. thats it, thats all i got.

Want a picture? here’s my tree in all it’s glory.

Week 49: Why I would Headbutt an Intruder

Holiday Party 2011: The Halls, They are Decked

my favorite girls, tons of food, tons of wine and a gift exchange. highlights:

-Peppermint patty stuffed cookies, Everyday with rachel ray recipe

-shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce, simple yes, but delicious.

– pandora station set to christmas

– 5, count them 5 (!) christmas trees.  One real, one little fake tabletop, 2 old school ceramic with the little stick-in lights, one outside (grandma’s little tree)

– and what did we do all night? gossiped and talked about boys.  of course.

Things i’m obsessed with:
1. Chopped! amazing competition show on the Food Network. kind of like iron chef with mystery ingredients you have to use, but they get a different basket of ingredients for each course (app, entrée, dessert) and only cook one dish per course.  and after each course someone gets Chopped!

2. Ticket to Ride- awesome board game/iPad app that my friend got me hooked on (hi APM!).

It’s a strategy game where you build trains to cross the country and hit different locations. and lemme tell you something, this is the FIRST iPad app i spent $$ on (how cheapo am I huh?) and it was expensive! like $7! and then they make you pay more to buy new maps. but i am totally going to spend the $3 to buy Europe.  i already spent $1 to buy the 1910 expansion pack.  congrats Ticket to Ride- you have managed to squeeze money out of me.

weirdo dream: i dreamed i was sitting on my porch and some weird homeless/crazy type man was walking around my house saying “no, no, no, no, no” so i went inside and locked my door and then he was trying to break into my back door, which i ran and locked and he was still saying “no, no, no, no” and also he had started a bum fire (you know, fire in a barrel) on my back porch and was cooking a rabbit (on a spit obviously) over it.  not super scary per se, but super weirdo.  then i woke up and was laying on my stomach (which i never do for fear of suffocating in my pillow and the following reason) and had my arms over my head and both of them were dead asleep.  which freaked me out a little since i just had a dream about someone breaking into my house and now couldn’t even move my arms to defend myself  if it was true.  so i spent the next few minutes concocting various defense scenarios that didn’t require the use of my arms. you know: roundhouse kick, headbutt, spinning around in a circle and hitting the intruder with my dead weight arms. then i fell back asleep. is it any wonder i’m a little tired today?

Week 48: Tis the Season to be Festive…

This weekend i decorated my house for Christmas. i got everything done but the christmas tree (thats for next weekend). to do my christmas village i had help from my mom and my sister, and it took about 3 hours! and a lot of mulled wine… i totally see how people are obsessed with this stuff (villages, not wine. i already know why people love wine).  i am scarily close to being one of those people myself.  i have had mine for only like 3 or 4 years and i think every year it has doubled in size. but that stops this year. no more buildings. both my mantle AND my buffet are totally filled.  but it is adorably gorgeous. check it:

the residential section

the residential section

The Town

Chestnuts anyone?

one of my new favorite things this week:
my new faux fur holiday party coat!

super cute.  although i think i will sew a clasp on the front so i can close it up if i so choose.

my nephew passed out:

from a few weeks ago, but seriously, is he not the cutest thing ever? he was awesome at his first holiday party on sunday and of course i forgot to take a pic.  sheesh.

last but not least, how to make mulled wine.

pour a bottle of red wine in a pot, add some apple cider, cranberry juice, orange zest, honey, whole cloves and cinnamon sticks. heat up. drink hot. try to remember you are chugging a mug of red wine and drink slower.

bonus feature: how to eat chestnuts. cut an “X” in the top, place a few in a small bowl with a little water (like 1/8 of an inch) cover with napkin and microwave for one minute. peel and eat. try not to burn your fingers.  for those of you that are a lil more country, buy a chestnut roaster and do them over an open fire.  cut an x, toss them in, and roast away. peel and eat. try not to burn your fingers.  chestnuts are def one of my top 5 favorite foods, it makes me sad they are only around for a little while.  the only place i can find them is Wegmans where i dig thru the bin selecting and rejecting the best ones like one of the little squirrels in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.