Week 42: Holistic failures and Birchbox

Holistic failure: i thought i could cure a sinus cold with my neti pot, Yogi: Cold Season tea, salt water gargle, multivitamins, and chicken soup. 

what really is curing my sinus cold: Sudafed (the behind the counter kind) and mucinex. 

chemicals trump nature once again.

thats all been done before so the new thing for this week is: Birchbox.  i’ve been doing this for 2 months now, and signed up for 6 so i have 4 more to go! Basically it’s a monthly delivery of trial sized beauty products sent to your door. a little present every month if you will.  It’s $10 a month and i decided to sign up because i like to try new products and don’t want to shell out the cash for full size.  obvious right? but is it worth the $10 a month?  so far i would say yes.  i like what i’ve gotten and have used almost everything which is a good sign.  AND, while i may not love the products enough to buy a full size, they do make awesome travel products. 

September Birchbox:

1. LIV GRN C2C Fragrance in Natural- nice enough. good to put in my purse.

2. Blinc mascara- forms a “tube” around your eyelash and is supposed to be completely waterproof.  survey says: great mascara, but doesn’t hold up in hot yoga. at the end of the class i wiped my face and was left with a towel full of mascara “tubes”.  freaked me out till i remembered the mascara… but good for less extreme situations.

3.  Incoco Nail Polish Applique- awesome. see last post. and at $7-10 paid for the sept box basically.

4. Jouer Lip Enhancer- always nice to have lip stuff for the purse.

5. The Lash Card- haven’t used it yet. basically you put it behind your eyelashes when you put mascara on so you don’t get it on your eyelid.  unnecessary, but i’ll probs use it one day.

October Birchbox:

1. Orofluido Elixir- interesting.  a hair oil that smells good and makes your hair shiny and smoothes flyaways. basically moroccan oil.  again, perfect for my travel bag. and i think good for winter when my hair gets dry and static-y.

2. AHAVA rich cleansing cream- good travel face wash. very mild.

3. Laura Gellar Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Primer in Bronze- very nice.  probs wouldn’t shell out for full bottle, but i will def use this large sample size until it’s gone. good primer and gives you a hint of color.  again- very good for winter.  made october box worth the $10.

4. Befine Belips: Lip exfoliator and serum Duo pack- eh, kind of oily.

5. The Laundress Delicate Wash- will stick in my laundry room and use next time i do a load of delicates.

Random stuff:

how did we survive before: heated seats and swiffers.  seriously. how did we clean before swiffers? and after having heated seats, i can’t go back. don’t make me!

my friend and i were discussing our middle school celebrity crushes.  obvi JTT, and Devon Sawa, and Jonathan Brandis, and Andrew Keegan, although we disagreed on Rider Strong. but seriously, apparently we (and the other readers of Bop!) had terrible taste cause none of them really made it big…. it also makes me question myself seeing as i had a poster of JTT on my wall. and i’m pretty sure he was wearing a beret…. clearly the Beiber of the early 90’s.

construction update: my closet is done. and it is GORGEOUS. i’ve already almost filled my wall of shelves/boxes.  i’ve color coded my sweaters. and my shirts. i’m making one whole section of hanging bar for work clothes.  my closet looks like the Gap. and i love it.


Week 41: Stick on nails and Pop tarts

New things this week:
1. I tried those nail polish stickers that are all the rage. and i can see why, they are pretty great. hard to put on, “just stick and file away the excess” is not quite that easy peasy, but it probs took less than time than it would to paint my nails so i would say it was well worth the effort. plus no drying time.  and the designs are super fun. multicolor stripes and designs and sparkles? yes please.  they lasted about 5 days before they began to chip, from the back. weird. i think i could have gotten a week out of them, but i’m a nail polish picker so once they start to chip it’s all over.  but super fun. i just bought a sally hansen set that looks like fishnets, so i will try those next.
These are the ones i did: (except in pink, Incoco brand)

This is what they looked like on: (yes, i have old lady hands. it means i’m wise) (and yes my sister made fun of me when she saw 10 pictures of my hand on my camera. this really was the best one…)

 2. Homemade pop-tarts! while in DC this weekend to celebrate my sisters b-day we went to brunch with my cousin and sisters friends (who have the happiest baby in the world… shout out baby Jay!).  Anyway we went to Ted’s Bulletin where they make their own pop tarts. that day they had 4 flavors: strawberry, blueberry, brown sugar cinnamon, and peanut butter and bacon. we tried the first three and they were fantastic (had to eliminate the PB & bacon due to a munchkins peanut allergy). clever idea though.

3. Tried one of the new holiday flavors of cliff bar: peppermint stick. it was ok, very minty which was good. but i kind of hate the texture of cliff bars.  No longer looking forward to the gingerbread one i bought…

4. Tried two new soups.  Getting into the fall spirit and stocking my freezer for the coming winter 🙂

Success- Sweet potato peanut.

Failure- Black bean and pumpkin. somehow the spice was way too hot, almost blew my head off. but i think if i just add like 1/3 of the chipotle chili powder it would be delicious.  stuck two jars in my freezer and will probs add them to chili to spice it up.

Something i already knew: i am a merchandisers dream. Went to Teavana in DC (a fancy tea store) and got so sucked in.  first of all it’s a great store (if you like tea) because they have tons of samples and explain things really well.  they have signs under each tea telling you all about the health benefits (antioxidants! better skin! clearer sinuses! gives you superpowers!  faster metabolism!) and then tell you about how you can combine them to get even more benefits. what?! more benefits through being clever?! of course i bought some. of course it was ridic expensive. of course i bought 2 so i can mix them.  and of course i think my “new thing”  is going to be loose tea. seriously, just tell me how something is good for me and i want to buy it. i get sucked into almost all marketing. (see nail stickers above…)  granted a loose tea obsession is better than say, doing drugs, but still probs unnecessary.  but you know what?  i’m gonna do it anyway. neener neener. so bravo Teavana, you’ve won this round. and probably the next ones, until i lose interest.

Week 40: Introducing……

The newest addition:  Mr. Arthur Vincent Sherwood!

Day one

Arthur was born on weds, Oct 6, 2011, AND shares a super awesome birthday with my sister dana.  I told my cousins they should name him Daniel after Dana, but i’m pretty sure they pretended not to hear me. but hey, i’ll let the parents name their own kid…this time.  so congrats on your new addition Bob and Dina!  he is def my very favoite nephew.  ok, my only nephew, but still…  He is the cutest little guy you have ever seen! check out this sweet face.

snuggles mcsnoozer

and he is a major snoozer which means he’s def a sherwood.  he prefers snoozin over food (they have to pat his face with a cold washcloth to keep him awake for feedings) and crying (he squinches up his face and get all red, opens his mouth and then relaxes and fall back asleep. crying is just too much energy right now). he’s still super tiny so you can easily hold him football style, and as you can see, his head is smaller than my hand.

i’ve figured out why people had so many babies back in the olden days.  they didn’t have tv.  i mean seriously, put a baby in a room and everyone is instantly entertained. i mean i could (and do!) look at this little guy for hours and exclaim everytime he makes a new face.  he is far more enthralling than the kardashians thats for sure. (although did you watch the wedding special? ridic. kris hump seems like an ass.)

i’ve become a bit of a blog stalker. some of my friends blog, and through their pages i have found other good blogs and i find i am very demanding with my daily check ins.  on my lunch break i check all my blogs (like 100! not really, more like 6…) because i like to see what people have been up to lately.  they are probs half cooking and half this type.  and i get annoyed when my daily bloggers take a day off.  i mean come on.  what do you have better to do than entertain me? blog, bloggers, blog!

harvest wine and food fest was delightful as always.  i bought some wine as always. but i did try 2 new things. 1- the hot wing chicken sandwich from the pretzel truck. wow, seriously good. i want all my sandwiches to come on a pretzel now. 2- cider made in jack daniels barrels.  whoa. basically hard cider, fermented in jack daniels barrels that tastes like jack without the burn. dangerous! and technically they have to sell it as “apple table wine” because of the high alcohol content.  ca-razypants.

movie news: Chris Evans is my new actor boyfriend. (sorry ryans {reynolds and gosling} you are falling behind in the actor boyfriend derby.) he is seriously adorbs.  Whats your number was pretty good. we kept trying to guess the ending and kept being wrong (not about the happy ever after, i mean come on, it’s a rom com, but about how it would get there.) but it was entertaining, i laughed out loud several times, and like i said, it has chris evans.

Week 39: Lightning strikes

Literally. on two separate occasions.  first time: fried my modem. like completely, couldn’t even get it to turn on.  second time: fried my water pump.  sometime during the night, so i didn’t realize it until i was 3 minutes into my shower, all shampooed up, and no water.  i had to rinse out my yard of hair with freezing cold Brita water.  at least my hair isn’t thick.  crazy lightning storm.  i really don’t understand how the first bolt only blew my modem, but i will give thanks that my TV, computer and Roku are all ok.  on the upside i now have a spiffy new modem, AND a new water pump (probs a good thing since my old one was 39 years old).

Boni and i took advantage of the Endless Mountains Outfitters flood sale and i came home with this pretty lady:  the Dagger Zydeco.  baby’s first kayak.

Brocktoberfest also happened.  My friend has a friend named Brock, who throws an octoberfest party every year. see how that worked?  it was fun, would have been more fun if it wasn’t in the 40’s and raining, but i digress.  i did get lots of compliments on my sweet nail polish (sally hansen salon manicure, commander in chic) as i held my hands over whichever fire we were near in a desperate attempt to stay warm. 

met a guy at the party with a mohawk who competes in arm wrestling tournaments.  i sometimes wonder how i always manage to end up talking to the most eccentric person at a party, but then i realize i walk right into it when i hear things like “arm wrestling tournament”. seriously, how do you not ask questions when you hear that?  unsurprisingly it’s all about strategy, not strength.

Fall means Fall beers. 3 i tried this weekend:

Hofbrau Oktoberfest (at Bfest): very good

Stegmeier Oktoberfest (at Bfest): pretty good

Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat (at Arena): Super tasty and light.


Movie news: Lion King 3D! still soo good.  kinda weird seeing it in the theater 20 years later, but it still holds up.  although man, cartoons were scary back then. not sure how the little ones would have fared.  that whole creepy hyena musical number? and the fire fight scene? freak-y. also, there were teenagers sitting in front of us, that from their comments we deduced they were seeing lion king for the first time!  don’t we feel old?

Week 38: Destination Cocoa Beach

i love destination weddings, especially destination beach weddings!

One of my oldest friends got married last weekend and it was a beautiful beach wedding.  it was pretty small, maybe 60 people and right on the beach looking out to the ocean.  the weather was sunny and gorgeous and HOT, but thats ok because the wedding was short and very sweet.

The new happy family!

After the wedding there was a nice reception on the deck then most of the guests and wedding party went on a cruise! my sister and i stayed to play at the beach.  and man, cocoa beach is gorgeous! the water was super warm, the sand was very soft, and the sun shone super bright.  it was one of those vacations where you actually leave feeling relaxed. the only casualty was the ocean claiming my sunglasses.  oops.  but i got a sweet new $10 pair. they are large and mirrored and wicked dark.  like i could barely read my book dark.  my sister said i looked like a cop.

all we did was lay in the sun, eat, and drink. and walk the beach and play in the waves.  it was glorious.  some great places to eat and drink:

1. Mainly Lobster: looks like a shack, AWESOME seafood. ask for the fried shrimp appetizer, it’s not on the menu but is ridic good.

2. Coconuts on the beach: beach bar. need i say more? order the “pain in my ass”: half rum runner half pina colada. delicious.

3. Simply delicious cafe & bakery: breakfast place, really good food, iced coffee as big as your head.

it was especially nice because we got to hang out with amy for the whole weekend and had the luxury of playing with her adorable kiddos and being chauffeured to and from the airport!  it also gave us a chance to scheme over our next adventure: The Great Sister Trip of 2012. my sister and her friends, plus all the sisters.  Let the planning begin!