Week 34: The Day After Tomorrow

crazy weather lately.  i will say that i do not think this is symptomatic of any sort of world ending scenario. get a grip people.  the world has been around for a looong time.  weather patterns are not static, they are ever changing and evolving.  i bet the dinosaurs didn’t freak out this much over the ice age. they just plodded through it.  seriously, go watch Ice Age. excellent reference material.

Hurricane: so we got 7 inches of rain saturday night/sunday morning.  that is a LOT of rain.  and wind.  which somehow knocked out my power and i get the feeling it would still be out if i didn’t have a friend at the electric company, Thanks B! so i spent all sunday at my moms since she had power (ahh, flushing toilets, running water, light bulbs, glorious) and we cooked up some kickin chili for a few other refugees.  i really think my sister found the best chili recipe ever:


such a great site, she makes fantstic food.  if you have the time make her buckeyes too, they are ridic good.  for the chili i added a chipotle chili and did black beans instead of kidney.  and yes the 1/4 CUP of chili powder is correct.  trust me, it’s delicious and will not blow your head off.  and it freezes great.

Earthquake: i feel a little gypped.  i didn’t feel it at all.  stupid sturdy dealership i work in.  my sisters felt it, my mom felt it, and i got nothing.  not even a Jurassic Park water in the glass moment.  sigh. 

Major Annoyance: what is this ongoing trend to roll up sleeves of sweaters and shirts and then button them? it literally drives me nuts.  do people actually see that as super functional? like “oh thank god this has a button, when i get hot enough to expose my forearm i desperately need to secure my sleeve with a button, otherwise it would just roll back down!”  or “gosh i love how when i unroll the sleeves of this shirt i have this lovely piece of cloth that secures the button that now hangs down attractively.” i mean, i have enough of an issue with 3/4 sleeve shirts to begin with, and now this must be thrown into the mix? it drives me almost as nuts as the baggers at wegmans do (seriously teach these kids how to bag! i do not require 14 bags for 16 items…).

Movie: CONAN.  good not great.  the action was pretty awesome, and see it in 3D cause it is very well done, not jumpy or hard to watch like other movies…cough…clashofthetitans…cough. the lead guy is super hot and luckily, half naked for most of the movie.  as i am told he is on Game of Thrones.  apparently his finest quality as an actor is his bangin upper body 🙂  and thats saying something as i think he is actually a good actor.  although he does the sylvester stallone grimace and look up thing so you see the under whites of his eyes alot.

House Construction: is progressing.  i have now cleaned out my entire closet which gave me the opportunity to thin out my wardrobe.  so i had a “come shop at my house” night for a few friends, and it was a SUCCESS.  they took almost everything which is awesome cause that is all the fewer clothes i have to run to interfaith now.


Week 33: I’m Famous!

or i should say, the back of my head is famous! check out my pic in the Scranton paper: (i’m on the left, look how blonde my hair looks!)


and you thought you wouldn’t see anything great today…

so movie on the Scranton courthouse lawn was great, i highly suggest going this thursday (Rudy) or next thursday (Grease!). things to bring: blanket or chairs, sweatshirt, and snacks if you want your own or they have a little vendor guy selling snacks (popcorn!)

My house construction has begun.  i’m so excited. and i just can’t hide it. new roof, bigger bathroom, and bigger closet.  and they already found 2 rotten beams, why hello old house!  so now i can also add- and my house won’t fall down- to the list of fabulous things they are doing.  i can’t wait to pimp my closet.  putting in shelves and hanger rods and getting clear shoeboxes.  and my bathroom gets a new floor, vanity, lighting, and i think i’m gonna paint it. my sister gave me the idea to do light aqua walls, and then sand colored tiles on the floor and it will be like the beach!  oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Week 32: OCNJ and DC

my friend flew in from Rome for a few days and i met up with her to be both her taxi and partner in crime as we visited our philly and DC friends in a whirlwind weekend.

Stop #1: Ocean City, NJ to visit Angie.  i love the beach. next year i need to buckle down and spend a whole week there, because these one or two day trips just don’t satisfy my beach craving.  i love the sand, the ocean, the sun, the boardwalk, just everything.  we were the perfect beach bums for a day.  we sat in our chairs, we played in the water, we took a beachy walk, then we hit the boardwalk for lunch and taffy.  if you are on the OCNJ boardwalk, you have to get Shrivers Taffy.  it’s SO good, just like Dolly’s in OCMD.  i wanted to get fudge too, but we had a long, hot car ride in front of us so it didn’t seem wise.  my last parting gift from the beach was an asshole tan.  somehow i got the front of my neck and one side, but not the other side except for a thumbprint… it was a sweet neck burn.  luckily my skin is pretty tanned up by now and it was mostly gone the next day which was good because we were in:

Stop #2: DC to see Kristie and Mike! best hosts ever, when we arrived late friday night, exhausted and slightly cranky, they greeted us at the door with beers and a delightful patio to relax on.  saturday day we went to Eastern Market, the craft fair/ farmers market.  it was fun, kinda small due to morning rain, but fun to walk around.  and i would def buy all my peaches there.  so far i have struck out with grocery store peaches and have vowed to only buy them from farm stands.  they also had a stand with ring made from palm tree seeds.  very cool, kind of looked like wooden rings, but were all different colors.  then we went home to take a nappy to prep for the evenings activities, which i will call:

stop #3: DC nightlife.  first we went to the Peking Duck Gourmet for some duck.  it was good, it was a whole duck that they carve in front of you.  my friend is obsessed with it, and it was an interesting thing to watch.  just don’t call it a carcass in front of her, because you will get scolded.  although, seriously, it’s a carcass.  it was a room full of delicious carcasses.  anyway.  after that we went to the rooftop bar on the W which was swanky swank.  and has a kick ass view of DC at night, you can look out and see all the monuments lit up and the side of the White House.  pretty fancy. and if you don’t recognize the white house from the side, don’t feel bad, i didn’t either.  “where is the white house?” “um, the big white house lit up right there…” “oh”.  then we headed to Biergarden Haus (sp?) in another part of town, which is a beer garden (in case you didn’t pick up on that from the name).  we sat upstairs, outside and it was the perfect weather for it.  and drank liter beers in giant glass beer steins.  i seriously had to use both hands until i was like 2/3 done.  those suckers are heavy.  AND next time i go i want to try the sampler.  you can get this cool round carrier that holds 10 little (like 6 or 8 oz) glasses and they put one of every draft beer in.  i think it was $36 which kind of seemed like a sampling bargain.  OH, and some guy at the bar called me a loser.  it was so weird.  my sister and i got there first and she went to get beers, so i got enough chairs for our group and a guy at the table  next to me was like, “do you have more people coming?” so i said “um yeah thats why i’m getting more stools” i did not add on a Captain Obvious.  and he said “oh, cause you kinda look like a loser sitting by yourself”. who says that? so i just said “that was rude” and turned around.  not really sure what response he was looking for there.  jerk.  but all in all great whirlwind weekend! now that all my crazy busy weeks/weekends are over its time to get back on the eating right/exercising horse.  i’ve been getting too tired during the day which i attribute to eating crap and not exercising.  shocker.

Week 31: JESSE & BILL 4 EVA

I’ve been a lazy blogger. part of that is laziness and part of that is because it’s hard to sum up this weekend in a quick witty post. On saturday my sister got married (!!!) and it was a whirlwind of parties, family, and dancing. and i have very few pics of the weekend extravaganza because i was too busy to take them.  hey being a bridesmaid is tough work!

as a 30 year old woman i have been to hundreds of weddings. (maybe more like dozens, but it feels like hundreds sometimes!) and while most are nice, and most of the couples look happy and excited, at very few weddings can you feel that love and excitement. this was one of those rare weddings. it was just beaming out of my sister and Bill. i saw no nerves, no hesitation, just excitement to get down the damn aisle and see each other after a whole night of separation.

The rehearsal dinner was delicious (and enough to feed a medium sized country) and the “rehearsal” went very smooth.  the hair and make-up the next morning was fun and efficient, until i went out to get the car to transport the lovely bride, bridesmaids, and mother & grandmother of the groom back to the hotel and it was POURING.  lets just say in the two trips i made between the salon and the hotel, everything remained in tact and beautiful, but i may have had three minor head explosions.  BUT the good news is the wedding was inside, so once we were safe and sound in the hotel, it didn’t matter. 

the ceremony itself was gorgeous.  the ballroom at the Radisson with the restored facade was lit by candles and was truly stunning.  the ceremony was short and sweet and, (unsurprisingly) funny too.  the highlight of the picture taking portion was when the photographer told them to face each other and reach out your hands… the happy couple reached out, shook hands, then kind of looked at each other like “wait…shake hands? this can’t be right” then switched to a softer holdy hands pose. 

and the reception.  cocktail hour was fantastic, delicious food, lots of mingling and picture taking (by others cause i fell down on the job) and i even tried out dana’s “hand on the hip” picture pose.  rocked it. but i don’t know who took it, so it’s lost.  the speeches were great minus the mike trouble, the best mans was funny and insightful (bill was a college radio show host…!) and hopefully mine and dana’s went over well.  then came the dancing. 

let me preface with this statement: This was a dancing crowd.  Gauntlets had been thrown, dance-off’s were imminent, and the bride and groom were no exception.  i knew my sister could dance (and i mean DANCE dance) even though it rarely came out, but Bill? no idea. once he hit that magic number of Makers Marks, IT WAS ON.  they were a newlywed dancing machine.  they TORE IT UP. it was awesome.  had there been a write-in-vote for the dance-off i think they would have won.  (of course they would have had the popular vote since it was their wedding, but thats a different discussion).  and since there was no write-in the winner was someone else.  and here, today, on this blog, i would like to announce the official winner of:

Jesse & Bill’s Wedding Dance-Off is….: Catherine “The Annihilator” East. i would like to thank all the participants, and remind everyone that there are no losers here.  i mean, technically, there totally are, but really in your hearts you are all winners.  and if you want someone to blame, allow me to say this: she who bribes the judges/bridesmaids the best wins.  it’s really all about preparation kids.

So congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Billiam Lawrence!  May your future be ever filled with dance-offs, hawaiian pineapple, and a tiny dog jumping over a big dog.

Love You.

Week 30: Lake Carey Day

Admittedly this is not a “new” experience since we do it every year (lake carey day is basically a weekend of parties and activities on the lake), but this year i was a POKER RUN stop! had my name on a map and everything, haha. i was quite nervous to be a stop (this surprised people. i mean, have you met me?  i’m an anxious person…) mostly because i heard varying reviews.  i was uber-excited until i talked  to a few neighbors that had been a stop and they scared the crapola out of me.  too many people! ran out food! chaos! nightmares! never again! but i digress. and after successfully running a poker stop i can very easily say the most important thing to have is helpers. for each table you need a card drawer, a paper marker, and a food/drink coordinator.  and if you can outfit them all in homemade t-shirts all the better!  seriously, super fun. and easy, thanks to all my helpers. 2 stations, for people that come by land or by sea (lake).  my friend brought a sweet canopy over so the by land table looked very professional.  and the dock table had the boat puller inner stick-y thing (courtesy of the gibbons) that made boat wrangling easier.  unsurprisingly some of those people were not professional boat drivers.  not sure who won the poker run, but the best hand that come through was 3 10’s.  not too shabby! it was a perfect weather day, blue skies and sun without being 100* and the water was super warm for swimming or floating.  it got cool enough at night for jeans (although i still got 6 bug bites, gar) and made the fireworks watching, music listening, Adirondack chair sitting just perfecto.

weekend highlights: got pulled in a pool, then realized i left my purse at the bar and had to go back and get it dripping wet. oops. supremely successful poker run, cornhole, my friends toddler walking around being hilarious: “no way brotha!”, everyone wore their homemade t-shirt, gossiping, blood killa research, finding out my cousins bf’s nickname is Newt (whaa?),   those chocolate peanut butter things, fireworks at vanduzers, the lone chinese lantern we saw go up in the sky, name that tune, empire records, and that fact that LB cleaned my kitchen for me!

lesson learned- i should not go swimming at night after drinking because my confidence is too high and my motor skills are too low to navigate my slippery stone steps out of the water.  which leads to a few giant bruises.  at least my bridesmaid dress for this weekend is long.  otherwise people would think my sister went all bridezilla on me. beat me with a baseball bat for putting people at improper tables when crafting the seating chart or something. 

other lesson learned- next year i need to designate a photographer. all these fantastic photo ops and not one single pic.  we are a camera lazy bunch i tell ya. the sweet t-shirt pic above i totally took last night.  but seriously, am i not a professional t-shirt spray painter? it looks awesomepants.

fair warning: i now have the chocolate mudd wine, (thanks for the gift LB…) so the next party i attend, you get it as a re-gift….

next up: my sisters wedding (!) and CARNI. it’s literally almost too much for me for one week.  i might die of excitement. i purposely did nothing sunday night to rest up. conserve my energy.  my sister and i are working the wine table in the beer tent on weds, so stop by!