Harry Potter Land!

My most favorite conference of all time led me to Harry Potter Land this year! None of these are my pics btw, it was nighttime, so my camera was useless.

oh it was glorious!  we had all of Harry Potter Land to ourselves for 3 hours! and i had someone that loved to ride rides! Game On.

first we strolled through Hogsmeade. magical.  Went in honeydukes.

then entered the castle for the Forbidden Journey! a fabulous ride with a combo of simulation screens and live parts of the castle, we flew with Harry on a broom, got chased by a dragon, went through a room of spiders (not a fan of this part) a room of dementors, the whomping willow, and ended in a Quidditch game.  It was super fun!  We did that 3 times.  The line for the ride goes through the castle which is really neat and i looked around as fast as i could each time we raced through the empty lines.

Next up: Flight of the Hippogriff

pretty underwhelming, but a good ride for kiddos.  and it’s fun to say hippogriff.


AMAZING.  You can pick red or blue.  red is more full body loops, straight up and down loops, and blue is more crazy corkscrew loops.  A bunch of us went on it 5 times in a row- red, blue, red, blue, blue.  We decided we liked blue best.  Oh man, it is a good ride.  after the first few times i tried to ride without screaming and literally could not.  it just sucks the screams out of you.  the G force was so strong i thought my sneakers were gonna pop off.  And when we were all done my friend said it wasn’t that bad, then walked straight into a wall.  I think it took half an hour for me to unwobble.

Then we capped off the night with a butterbeer.  disclaimer* does not contain any alcohol.  which was a little sad. but it was delicious.

It was really fun.  The only thing that could have made it better was if i was dressed like this:

but it was a work trip, so no dice.  also why i didn’t buy a wand.  which i kinda regret now…

But it was seriously fabulous.  with Hogsmeade and the Castle and Hogwarts express, it was just great.  As was the rest of Universal which i did the next day.  Their rides are definitely superior to Disney.  But it would also be hard to take small children there for that same reason.  The full day at Universal was so awesome it almost made up for the Worst Night Ever that followed.


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