2013 Goals


  1. Africa- FEB
  2. New Orleans- JULY
  3. Harry Potter Land- FEB 2014
  4. Wine Country
  5. Somewhere tropical

Healthy Body

  1. Juice Cleanse-JUN
  2. New Obstacle run
  3. Try reflexology
  4. Polar Bear Plunge
  5. Rock climbing
  6. Paddleboard- JULY

Healthy Mind

  1. Read and review 5 classic books– AUG (1)
  2. Throw a dinner party/game night
  3. Organize photo albums better
  4. Support more Charities- (JAN, FEB)


  1. De-Clutter my house, MINIMIZE!– JUN
  2. Re-do kitchen
  3. Paint my bedroom
  4. Update picture frames

Bucket List

  1. Hot air balloon- FEB
  2. Curling Competition on the Frozen Lake- JAN 2014

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