2012 Goals


  1. America Travel– FEB
  2. Europe Travel (Celtication)- MAY
  3. Non-Europe, Non-America Travel (Iceland)– MAR
  4. The Great Sister Trip (Philly)- JUN
  5. Go to Harry Potter Land
  6. Visit Sherwood Island in CT- NOV

Random Fun

  1. Re-decorate my blog- DEC
  2. Go to the beach. any beach.- AUG (OBX)
  3. Take new classes at my gym- JUL
  4. Go to a play in NYC– JAN
  5. Host a game night
  6. Have a wine tasting party- SEPT
  7. Go to a hockey game- JAN, FEB
  8. Go to an Octoberfest
  9. Do a corn maze- SEPT
  10. Horse Racing at Pocono Downs– MAY

Athletic Achievments

  1. Ski
  2. Snowshoe Amended- Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)– AUG
  3. Rock Climbing
  4. Kayak the river Amended- Whitewater Raft the River- SEPT
  5. Hiking- JUN
  6. Swim the lake over and back during Transcareyautic- JUL
  7. Walk across the frozen lake
  8. Run a 5K– MAY, JUN
  9. Be able to do 3 cool balancing poses in Yoga
  10. Do an obstacle race- MAY, JUN

Home Improvements

  1. Paint my Bedroom
  2. New rug for the dining room- OCT
  3. Re-do my kitchen
  4. Paint my house (get it painted)- JUN
  5. Septic check
  6. Paint Grandmas bench- JUN
  7. Clean out upstairs bedrooms

Non-Measurable Goals

  1. Visit NYC more– JAN, FEB
  2. Visit DC more- APR
  3. Walk the lake more– FEB
  4. See more of my friends
  5. Learn to like red wine– FEB
  6. Have less clutter
  7. Judge people less and be more forgiving
  8. Eat more fruits and vegetables- JUN
  9. Read better books
  10. Organize my photos / Update albums

3 thoughts on “2012 Goals

  1. Sooo many comments…. Here they go

    I think Goal 4 in travel and Goal 6 in Random Fun should be accomplished together

    Or Goal 6 in Random Fun can be accomplished in a quick trip to MD and a tour of the Frederick Wineries – did you know I live surrounded by 5?? It shouldn’t be too shocking really… And that can also help accomplish Non Measurable goal #2 since technically its the DC metro region – the very far end but still qualifies.

    Some of the atheletic achievements concern me (6&7) – please wear a lifevest, swimmies and wetsuit and make sure you have people around you. Also – while in the middle of 6 – can you finally figure out where the waves change? Dana and I have been working on that for years!

    Non-measurable goals – would love to partake in #2. Come often!!

    I also think you should add one about learning more about constellations and star gazing – I love that about NE PA – the stars are always so bright compared to here!! Its something I have always wanted to do and now I have the app for that!! 😉

    Glad the blog lives on – wasn’t sure what I was going to do!! Also – I find if you disconnect from the office network and use wireless – you have more access to things for you know – during lunch. 🙂

    • typos schmypos…. pretty sure #4 and #6 will be accomplished together! we need to work out a good weekend for everyone so we can start planning, dana and i were thinking maybe MD or VA wineries…..

      athletic #6&7, always cross the lake with people, you know me, safety first!

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