Week 47: Fight, Flight or Freeze.

So over Thanksgiving we were having a fight or flight discussion.  with my sister and her hubby living in a new old farmhouse they have yet to identify every creak and groan, consequently my sister wakes up during the night thinking they have an intruder (handily ignoring both the alarm system AND the crazily squeaky floors). Apparently she wakes up her hubby who all but leaps from the bed with fists of fury as his first instinct.  her is to freeze in place. so really the discussion is fight, flight or freeze.  i have to say i am a little of both fight and freeze.  in actual “situations” my instinct is to fight, but when woken out of a dead sleep i def freeze until i can identify the noise.  so i know how to better leap into action of course.  although i do rely heavily on my squeaky floors as an early detection system.

My New Favorite Thing:

Pomegranate seeds.  A ridic superfood.  full of antioxidant goodness, and  now easy to eat.  fun fact: opening a pomegranate to harvest the delicious little seeds yourself is crazy hard. and messy. pom juice dyes EVERYTHING: your hands, your shirt, your cutting board, your dishtowels, your floor. it’s a disaster area (think fast! do you stay and fight or fleeeee?). but now you can just buy them. i love when that happens.  and you may ask, how should you use them? my perfect (holiday festive) solution:

put them in the bottom of a champagne glass. or a white wine glass.  colorful, different, and chock full of antioxidants.  hello new holiday drink!

Speaking of holiday drinks, i almost lost an eye opening a bottle of hard cider that was apparently still fermenting. as soon as i peeled back the foil a quarter inch the plastic topped cork exploded out, narrowly missed my head and ricocheted around my kitchen like 4 times.  for serious, had that cork hit me in the eye i surely would be forced to have a very pirate christmas complete with eyepatch.  “Arrrrgh, merry christmas, now give me my rum…”

on the upside, mixed with ginger ale, the jack daniels barrel brewed cider is tasty taste.  and i barely notice the explosive fermentation. and for the record, i totally froze. just stood there gaping at the bottle and blinking my eyes to make sure they were still functioning.

Movie News: Muppets. obviously.

I really love the muppets.  after so long i forgot i much i loved some of them. like Animal, hilarious.  the Swedish chef, classic. Beaker, adorable.  That said the film did not live up to the hype in my head. after all the hype i was literally expecting BEST THING EVER.  it was a little slow.  but the musical numbers were good, the human actors were good, Sheldon Cooper was AMAZING, and the Muppets were the same as always, which is fantastically awesomepants.  it really was a love letter to the muppets and Jason Segal did a great job staying true to the feeling and characters.  if you like the muppets, you will like this movie and you should go see it.  if you don’t like the Muppets, then get the heck off my blog, you don’t belong here.



Week 46: Odds and Ends

This was a busy week full of stuff that doesn’t concern you. However, i did manage some new and different.

1. 90 minute hot Yoga. (usually do 60). Temp: 105*, Humidity: 100% (usually like 75%). literally almost died. not my best idea ever. LB and i were sweaty messes after 10 minutes. she put it best when she said breathing was like open mouth kissing someone where you aren’t kissing so much as breathing in their hot mouth air. totally gross and totally true. and we accidentally dressed identically and the instructor made fun of us. try it again buddy and next time i’ll make fun of your shorty man shorts. to your face that is, already did it behind your back. seriously, i feel like there is a large margin for error with those.

2. caught a mouse with a colander. i have never done that before. and no, i’m not gross. i live in the woods in an old cottage, and sometimes i get tiny field mice in the winter. which is why i have a havahart trap so i can catch them alive and release them back into the wild. far, far away from my house. i call it my catch and release program. but this little bugger was playing the “if i don’t move you can’t see me” game. just froze in place on my carpet.  what am i? a tyrannesorous? i dropped a colander on him and was quite pleased with myself.  he was an unusual little adventurer.  i watched him climb my fireplace then walk across the front of the stones all sideways and mission impossible like.  i probs could have caught him then but i really wanted to see if he would make it all the way across. and he did. impressive little bugger, about as long as my pinky finger. i’m sure he’s climbing trees with the same fervor.

movie news:

J. Edgar: really, really, really long. good movie, informative, learned a lot about the early FBI. you couldn’t pay me to watch it again tho. i prefer my leonardo dicaprio charming and dapper, not chubby and balding.

the Immortals: well. the action was good. Theseus was hot. scenery was super cool. story was decent (but kinda cobbled together with little backstory). the gods were ridic. and by ridic i mean actually ridiculous. seriously bad costumes. i actually researched Theseus a little before i went so i would know how accurate they were in the story.  they weren’t. and by researched i mean i went back through my notebooks from my college Classics class. my friend asked me why i didn’t just Wikipedia. um, because i have notebooks full of my own knowledge obviously.  why would i defer to someone else when i could justify keeping these notebooks. duh. but all the fun facts i gave my friends before the movie were not in there. none of them. what kind of slacker research team did this movie have? but it was still entertaining. even though the Titans looked like an ancient fooseball team in their cage.

Week 44: Expansion Unveiled!!

Finally.  My house is done! (well except for a little trim and shingling outside…)

Improvements: new utility room, fancy closet, bigger bathroom.  all by bringing out my back wall 4 or 5 feet. the extra feet is what created my utility room, then they made my existing closet fancier. and the bathroom is next to this and just gained 4 feet of depth.

so here we go.  Closet before: note the multi use.  Clothes on the left, utilities on the right. (well hangers, i had already cleared it out in preparation for construction)

closet/utility room

Utility Room After!

Utility room to the right  Utility room to the right

New Closet! note the door leading to the utility room…

Hello Department store!


my closet is so pretty.  this pic (because i’m a terrible photographer) doesn’t even show the shoe rack on the bottom, or the giant storage space on the top!  but it is SO nice not to have my clothes mingling with my water softener and water heater any more. my contractor guys made custom built shelves on the left and 3 different bars on the right. ridiculous organizational potential with this closet.

Old Bathroom: (crappy pic i know)

note the shower ends at the wall.

Shiny new bathroom!:

Hellos tons of room and new vanity!

Pretty new tile, new paint, new vanity, TWO windows, new mirror and lights, and new shelves in the new wall!  and don’t worry, for those of you who haven’t been in my bathroom, i do have a shower and toilet.  they are behind the door to the left, but they stayed the same so i took no pictures 🙂  notice in the before pic the shower ends at the back wall, now i have 4 whole extra feet of bathroom and no longer hit my elbow on the vanity when blow-drying my hair!

all i need now is blinds to fit 14″ wide windows…haha.  and i think i’m going to do one of those sticker things on the wall, a tree i think. and get a towel bar. and hang pictures. seriously, re-decoration/resortation is a never-ending project!  i also got a new roof. forgot to take pics though.  it used to be kind of clay reddish, and now it is a very smart varigated dark gray.  ooo la la. and of course, new as opposed to 39 years old…. no leaks for me!

Movie News: Ryan Gosling weekend! Ides of March- really good. very intense. you can see a lot of similarities in ryan gosling and george clooney, they are both super charming and sincere even when they are full of shit.  Crazy Stupid Love- quite funny.  Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling steal the movie i think, they are adorable together. in a witty charming way.  steve carell plays the same affable loser he always plays.  very good comedy with a little meat to it.

Reasons i love the end of fall:

1. Clemintines! best little snack ever.  i eat like 3 day when they are in season. i’m on my second of the day right now.

2. Chestnuts! love them.  X them and put them in a covered bowl with a little water for like a minute in the microwave and you have deliciousness.

3. Sweaterdress/Tights season.  i just bought new tights at Charming Charlies and they are going to be clutch for winter. i want to go back and buy every color.  They are opaque, kind of smooth and a little shiny (handy so they don’t stick to the sweaterdress like sweater tights do), have a wider waistband, and are lined in like super thin fleecy type soft stuff.  forgive my retarded phrasing, but i can’t think of another way to describe them.  Basically they are the perfect tights for a NEPA winter.

Week 43: Snowtober

Freak Halloween snowstorm!

i will let the pictures speak for themselves.  snow all day long and the big fat flakes, the kind of snow that coats the trees and makes them look just gorgeous.  is it a little early for snow? yes of course, but was it gorgeous? yes of course.  on the upside it also made me excited for boots and sweaters!

check out the one leaf caught falling.  say bye to fall!

one newscaster said “not only did we have flakes the size of silver dollars, we had flakes the size of waffles!”  ……ok.  i mean are we talking full size waffles? like dinner plate waffles, or like eggo waffles? cause both seem a little ridic, but eggos at least are semi-believable.  i mean what a random size comparison.  i would have gone with “as big as my hand” or “the size of a post-it” or even “as big as an i-Phone!” you know, something that has a standard size. waffle loving idiot.

movie news: Puss in Boots- not that funny.  i even took kids and they didn’t really laugh!  too much backstory and flashbacks, not enough humor.  and no donkey! who, lets face it, is the funniest part of shrek….

i can’t believe October is over. it flew by! and i’ve caved to merchandiser pressures (as i do) and already started christmas shopping!

get excited for next week.  get Really excited.  cause my construction is done.  coming soon to a blog near you: Utility room Pictures! New closet pictures! and New Bathroom Pictures!  ohboyohboyohboy…..