Goal #2 The Mighty Ducks

Fun stuff goal: Go to a Hockey Game

and by Mighty Ducks i clearly mean WB/Scranton Penguins, AKA the Baby Pens.  I love hockey games they are so exciting and aggressive and have tons of jazzy music every few minutes. (the only thing better is bullriding!)  my friends and i keep saying we are going to buy season tickets, and yet every year passes and we still don’t! Next year for sure.  at least one of the 10 game packages.  so we wore our puffy coats and fingerless gloves and i drank some Molson (canadian, duh. much like hockey itself.)

the only thing i dislike about the baby Pens is there are almost NO fights.  Literally a punch is almost thrown and the refs are already there breaking it up.  whats that all about? lame-o.  also whenever their sticks break they just leave them on the ice as they skate off.  why not just pick it up and take it with you? my friend said it was probs because they were “too tired”. i prefer to think it’s their little rebellion against the refs.  “you won’t let me fight when i wanna fight? fine. now go pick up my stick.”

i’m pretty sure this goal falls under: Fun things to do in NEPA that i never do cause i figure i can do it whenever. farm league basball also falls in this category. and skiing. and, well, lots of things.  so, one at a time 🙂  BTW we won, go Baby Pens!  I think i need to buy some cool Pens stuff, perhaps a jersey or hat or something.  fun fact: the pens mascot is a penguin named Tux. get it?

I also have a new crafty endeavor!

one of my favorite parts of a manicure is the salt scrub they run into your hands and arms then you wash off and your skin feels amazing.  sooo last time i had a manicure my girl told me they make their own scrub, and then told me how to make it myself! and it’s super, ridic, easy.  lots of salt (regular table salt or sea salt, mortons makes both), some olive oil, then a few drops of essential oil for scent.  mix everything into a little jar and voila: Salt scrub!

it’s especially nice in the winter when my hands are so dry. just put some on clean, dry hands, scrub scrub scrub, then rinse off.  it’s delightful.

things i learned this week:

1. tina fey’s daughter is totally a mini-me of tina. adorable.

2. pauly D is older than i am. and older than the situation.  yikes.

3. tofu can be pretty good.

4. Beauty and the Beast in 3D was better than the Lion King in 3D.


Goal #1: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

1 and 1/2 goals completed!

Random Fun #4: Go to a play in NYC.

Non-Measurable #1, visit NYC more
January 15, 2012: MACBETH. Starring my cousin Ian as the crazypants King of Scotland himself. With a battleaxe!

I saw Macbeth 2 years ago in England with my best friend Lee at the Globe theater. And i was glad to have an English teacher sitting beside me, cause Shakespeare can be wicked confusing.  As such, before we ventured into NYC, i did a little research on Macbeth so i would be better informed, plus it made me all the more excited to see it 🙂

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes”

This play was quite the experience.  5 of us drove into the city, went to my cousins GORGEOUS apartment for lunch with her and her actor hubby, met up with another cousin and trooped over to 54th to see the play.  We had been warned of two thing: the theater was very small, and the heating was funky, either hot or cold, so wear layers.  and both parts were true.  The theater held 35 seats, 17 on one side, 17 on the other side of a stage approximately the size of my living room floor.   I wish i had taken some pics but i was way too nervous someone would scold me in such a small theater.  true to Ians advice, our side of the theater started immediately shedding clothes in the VERY heated air (on a day where it is in the low 20s* in NYC, this is not really a bad thing), while looking across the stage we saw the other side never even took their coats off, and were actually wrapping their scarves more securely around themselves. i also kept getting distracted by the sound of birds and trying to figure out what they symbolized in macbeth, until i realized they were just pigeons outside the slightly open window….

all that aside, the show was great.  it took a while to get into the play, the first actor onstage was kind of awful and his hair/crown combo was so distracting we all focused more on trying to figure out if his hair was real than on his monologue.  but once a few better actors came out, it was easy to get wrapped up in the play itself.  Ian was great, very compelling as Macbeth and even scared his mother-in-law with the ferocity of his outbursts, and the fighting scenes of course.  Macduff was also good, his voice reminded me of Simba’s dad in the Lion King, very deep and theatrical.  Lady Macbeth was good, slightly too dramatic, but did crazy very well.  and there was a drunk guy who did fantastic.  probably one of the best fake drunks i’ve ever seen.  all in all it was a great day. the city was freezing of course, but traffic was light, it was good to see family and friends, and best of all we got to see Ian be an actor!  now i just need to stalk him on IMDB and see more of his work.

also for those of you who are curious about such things, yes i did match my nail polish to the occasion.  i put on plaid nail stickers in honor of Macbeth, who was King of Scotland, which is where plaid originated.  nailed it! (pun.)

pretty sure almost everyone has already seen this, but it still makes my day.


Year 2

So this year instead of trying to do one new things every week, I’m going to try and accomplish 50 goals. Lofty eh? Everytime i complete a goal i will blog about it (hopefully complete with pictures…). so while i may not be posting once a week, i should be posting around the same number of blog entries. I’m a big list maker. Like HUGE list maker. I make lists of chores to do around the house, errands i need to run, people i need call, things to get at the store, movies to see, books to read, home improvements to make. You name it, i make a list for it. I even have a template on my computer so i can make lists with the little check off boxes because i think it is incredibly satisfying to check off a box when you have completed that item.

So, if you will look at the top of the blog, i have a new page: 2012 goals.  i even divided them into categories:

  1. Travel
  2. Random Fun
  3. Athletic Achievements
  4. Home Improvements
  5. Non-Measurable

Each category holds things i want to accomplish this year.  Some are hard fast goals dedicated to improving my body, mind, spirit or house.  Some are ways i want to enjoy my year. And some are just things i want to do better with.  I don’t have 50 total goals yet because i haven’t thought of that many. which is fine by me.  i have a whole year to add up 50, and when i think of cool/important goals down the road i will add them (maybe even delete them, oooo scandalous!).  Each time i blog about a goal i will explain it in detail so you can see why i added it to my list.  Some are obvious and some are a little less so.  and some i already have scheduled or are in the planning stage.  like i said, i really like to check items off my listys. 🙂

i liked my year of something new and interesting every week, but frankly it could get a little stressful.  i mean some weeks are just not exciting. and if the week was truly exciting then i didn’t necessarily have time to blog about it.  also my work blocked a lot of websites so i can’t really blog and post to FB at work (on my lunch break OBVIOUSLY).  which makes things a big tricky time-managementwise.  so this year will be more of a big picture year instead of a little picture year.

BRING IT ON 2012, i am super prepared.

Week 52: Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

I am quite convinced that the week between Christmas and New Years is one of the busiest weeks ever. First, you have all the spillover christmas. family you didn’t see, family that is still home, friends you need to exchange presents with, etc. Second you have all the catching up. mostly friends that live out of town that are only in for this week. of course you will stop by, go for a drink, hit the movies, go shopping with! Third, you have a ton of work to squeeze in before the end of the year (especially if you are in a sales-based industry like me).  Fourth, you have to start planning/coordinating your NYE plans. and Fifth, (if you are me or my friends) you have a sangria and tapas party to make Baba Ghanouj and beet hummus for. it was a busy week. btw if you go on simply recipes, you can find the fancy dips i just mentioned. seriously, bright pink hummus? who doesn’t want to make that. they are both quite tasty and a great way to get some sneaky vegetables.

Baba Ghanouj

Beet Hummus

so my NYE was delightful. a friend who had moved home had a party that was a lovely mix of people i went to high school with (and actually like) and new people. AND best of all my friend proposed to his GF right before midnight in front of all their combined friends. it was pretty awesome. it was also the first proposal i witnessed while standing less than 10 feet away. so 2011 went out with a bang (literally, there were fantastic fireworks.) and i can’t wait for 2012. check my next post to see what i have planned for 2012 blogging. I’m going to take a different approach this year.