September Fun Facts

Cucumber Bridge

Movie Review: Now You See Me

you know a movie is good when you are dreading the ending because you don’t want it to be over.  Dave Franco is much more delightful (and cuter) than james franco.  Mark Ruffalo is always great, and the other three are really well cast.  i’m already hoping there will be a sequel, but i feel like that is unlikely.

CSA: Purple Pepper Farms

They have been really rocking the farm box lately.  This week i got a huge bag of potatoes, tomatoes, PLUMS(!), radishes, some peppers and a few squash.  i’ve already made squash soup AND spaghetti squash mac and cheese with my other boxes.  (the mac and cheese- not so great….not bad, just..squashy)  i forsee roasted potatoes, caprese salad (use up my basil before it gets frozen), and plum something.  plum smoothie? plum cobbler? plum salsa?  i must consult pinterest.

Workout slump 

i’ve been in SUCH a lazy slump mood the past month or so.  i really need to pump up the running (or you know, start the running), the weather is about to be perfect for it.  and also the hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding and the gym.  What i need is motivation.  motivation to not be a lazy lump.  i’m going to try and make the rest of september a ramp up, then october full out.  i mean honestly, whats the use of cute workout clothes if i don’t use them?

Raking Party

Do you think if i had a  BYOR* party anyone would come? Because it’s that time of year again, where for an entire month i could rake every day and still have a yard full of leaves and trees full of leaves.  it’s overwhelming to say the least.

*Bring Your Own Rake


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