Read 5 Classic Books: #1 Pride and Prejudice

I honestly think i haven’t read this. I know i have enjoyed the heck out of the movie, but never read the book. So here goes. The first of my 5 brain enhancing books.

it was a good read, although a little hard to follow at times because of the way she writes.  and they call all of the 5 girls Miss Bennett so that gets confusing.  Overall i would have to say i liked the movie better (the Kiera Knightley one).  And the whole time i was reading i was picturing the movie.  Which makes me want to watch the movie again, but i think i lent it to my lawn guy when he had to read it for school.  I should remember to ask him about that.

so do i feel better educated now?  i suppose so.  I def have a better feel for how Jane Austen writes, and if i am ever in a social situation where everyone is getting all Austenland i will be able to play along.  Which will most likely never happen, but i am now better prepared.

I feel like my next book should be a history book so i learn something useful.

i did just read The Help, which while not necessarily a true story, is certainly close enough to qualify as historical.


The Art of War

To Kill a Mockingbird

Call of the Wild

Wuthering Heights

Swiss Family Robinson

awesome link:

Most Beautiful Living Spaces

Movie Reviews:

Despicable Me 2: HILARIOUS.  of course.

We are the Millers:  also fairly hilarious!  would def go see, it was super entertaining.  i really heart Jason Sudeikis.


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