NOLA, Part 2


After Pat O’Brians we were bopping along Bourbon street and ran into a Bachelor party that invited us up to their balcony to throw beads! of course we went because hello, Beads? check! Balcony, check! Bourbon street? check!  i mean it was basically the title of our trip.

IMG950517 (1)

Couple of takeaways here:
1. Don’t do this unless you are a party of 9 girls, woe to the guy that tries anything suspicious when you are rolling 9 strong.
2. This poor bachelor party was all excited for an influx of girls until they realized they were 80% married with kids. Too bad boys, hand over the beads!
3. As it turns out, boys on the street will also flash their chests. Less impressive than girls i am sure, but far more hilarious.  Especially the ones that eased into it, “ooo check out my abs, ooo check out my ribs, and here’s my manly chest, want some more, check the collarbone…!” Sure dude, heres some beads.


another handy tip:  if you get bored throwing beads, try your hand at lasso-ing.  the objective: to try and toss beads so they land around someones (unsuspecting) neck.  harder than it seems!  one of the bachelors offered us $1,000 if we could do it.  This was of course AFTER Paola had already done it once.  Also i’m pretty sure they were exaggerating the $1,000.  I got bored of failing at lasso-ing and resorted to trying to drop them in the beers of the unsuspecting loiter’ers below.  It had a much higher success rate.  A free night of Beer, Balconys, Beads and the best people watching anywhere?  Thanks Ohio Bachelors! Even if you are from…Ohio.


This is what the balcony looked like during the day…..sketcheroo.  But they did have some pretty impressive karaoke!  And that, my friends, is the end of night 2.


Day 3!

Once again, up faaaaar too early.  But we just didn’t want to waste a second! and again i blame my sister.  We hit up Magnolia Grill for brunch in the French Quarter and it was delicious and just what we needed 🙂


then we just strolled around the French Quarter for a while, hitting up various stores and the French market until we broke for Beignets.



Cafe du Monde!


After that it was over to Jackson Square for some shopping

Hello Andrew Jackson!

Hello Andrew Jackson!

Sisters on the Great Sister Trip

Sisters on the Great Sister Trip

After all that we clearly needed a drink, so we headed over to Napoleans, a bar that looks a little divey on the outside, and on the inside, until you walk through the back door into a beautiful courtyard.  Bring on the Pimms cup!

060 IMG_0639_2

Then it was back to Bourbon to seek out another fun bar


note* Bourbon street smells terrible during the night, and only slightly less so during the day.  And this is in the off season!  i think i would pass out during Mardi Gras. We walked all the way to the end of Bourbon to hit up Lafittes, a Blacksmith Shop Bar


No electricity and all wooden tables and stools, very cool! literally haha.


after that a few girls shopped and a few of us pedicabbed it back to the hotel to start the shower cycle (9 girls, 3 showers…organization is key)

Hurricanes in hand!

Hurricanes in hand!

The three of us hatched a foolproof plan to have a pedicab race to dinner later and recruit our driver to get all his slow friends so we win.  But then we were late so we took a cab.  Le sigh.  again, 9 girls: 3 showers.

i think it was somewhere around here (or perhaps it was the 2nd night) that Dana and i taught the girls the use of “BUNNY!” which is apparently a Sherwoodism. Instead of constantly saying “quick like a bunny” when crossing crosswalks we find it’s more effective to just yell BUNNY!  It was developed to encourage my mom who thinks 6 seconds is plenty of time to cross a four lane road, in DC, at a stroll.

Dinner was at Sainte Marie and was delicious.  and then it was back to the hotel for a costume change into our superhero alter egos:


Guess which purse is not a purse, but a box o’ wine DISGUISED as a purse?

At this point in the trip we had to be the tiredest, most draggin superheros ever.  My eyes were soooooo red from no sleep.  i looked like i had been smoking pot all day.  luckily my alter ego mask covered that.  so we went out, had some shenannigans, listened to some jazz and thats all i can reveal so as to not compromise the integrity of our alter egos.

sleep for 2 hours (literally TWO) and Peter was waiting downstairs to take us to the airport.  Most adorable taxi driver ever, we lined him up earlier when he drove us home 3 hours ago and when he got back he texted us “i’m here” “where i picked you up last night” “i’ll be here”.  Oh Peter, such an adorable, pastel plaid wearing, 20 something, Romanian.  Keep in touch.

Smell ya later NOLA!

Smell ya later NOLA!

3 airports, some amazing Italian lunch, and one minor car accident (not our fault) later, four of us arrived back in t-town.  3rd Annual Great Sister Trip in the works already 🙂


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