4th of July


The 4th is always a big event with my family. The entire (ish) extended family and friends get together for a giant old school BBQ of chickens cooked on grates over a huge pit. Which of course, i failed to get a pic of. But believe you me, they are the most delicious thing in the world.

After the chickens of course came fireworks, which i also didn’t get a pic of because i forgot to put my memory card in…genius. Wanted to try out my new camera on fireworks…but fail.

here’s cousin laura, who ironically, hates fireworks:


The rest of the weekend was spent sunning, eating, drinking, and of course paddleboarding.  Not swimming as we should to prep for the big event.

See Dana paddle

See Dana paddle

a little post-dinner paddle

a little post-dinner paddle

and the main event of 4th of July:

The 4th Annual Transcareyautic!

Which of course translates to: across the lake we swim. and then come back.  The Crew:

Where's Kevin?

Where’s Kevin?



Our best swimmer came super prepared!

Our best swimmer came super prepared!

Goals Accomplished:

1. I had a yard sale finally and got rid of a good 2/3 of the crap i had accumulated for said yard sale.  Huzzah! #minimizing.

now i just need to get the other 1/3 to Interfaith.  Oh Interfaith, why must you be closed on Sundays?  It’s so inconvenient to me…

2. Get a paddleboard and rock it.  Done and Done.  And actually thanks to the biggest headache of July, i now have 2.  Thanks Dick’s and FedEx for so carefully organizing the exchange of the first one that was missing parts!  Oh wait, thats right, you guys did jack sh*t.  I did all the organizing FOR YOU and you still messed up.  It should be super fun to see how this all shakes out.

3. Travel- none currently, but NOLA is coming right up, as is a training seminar in Ft. Worth.  Does Ft. Worth count as tropical?


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