May Flowers

i started this post on may 7th, then apparently forgot all about it… we go:

Movie Reviews:

Pain & Gain- Do not be misled. It is not really an action movie, not really a comedy and in all honesty, what it is, is a TRUE Really messed up story. The beginning is fairly funny, then the middle gets weird, then you think it’s almost over, and you go into the second part which gets really messed up. and then when you are thinking how horrifying things are, they remind you its a true story. My recommendation? Don’t go see it. if you are super intrigued wait till it’s in redbox. seriously.

Ironman 3- Saw it for my b-day! Super good, a little darker and slower than the others.  I mean Tony Stark is basically suffering from PTSD for the Avengers movie.  True story, that is literally (and awesomely) the premise.  Not my favorite Ironman, but i liked it as part of his story, it was nice to see him at odds with himself.  Still dislike Gwyneth Paltrow.  I just feel like she is smug as all get out.

Fast & Furious 6- Def worth seeing if you like the franchise, but again, not my favorite.  Not sure why it suddenly struck me so much in this one, but OMG: CHEESY.  I mean the lines.  It was like this installment was a soap opera.  I mean for reals. The opening credits was little montages of each character.  Lots of lil monologues about family.  there was even amnesia for petes sake!  But it was still very entertaining.  Altho for the record- I do NOT believe for one second that a car is something that can break a fall.  just saying.  5 is still my favorite.  Although maybe 7 will redeem this one.  That’s right 7.  With new villain Jason Statham!

**Disclaimer: I seem so super tough from all the movies i watch.  next movie review will kill that.  most def be all animated ones.  I mean, Monsters Inc College AND Despicable Me 2?  I’m basically peeing my pants waiting for them.


I did not get on the ballot for school board.  Super bummed about it.  And honestly, just don’t really understand.  There are two spots open, and they only accept two write in candidates (i was third, whomp whomp), So in November for the election, they are both already in.  no competition.  does not make sense to me. But regardless, it is what it is.  Although i def would have been awesome on the school board.  I have 4-5 years before my nephew is in school, so next time i need to win.


Beach in 2 weeks!

Long weekend with my bestie and her kiddos? Can’t wait! I firmly believe i need to go to the beach at least once a year to stay sane and happy.


If i end up looking like her, do i get my very own Chris Hemsworth? That’s his wife btw.

I would really like to lose 5 pounds.  Partly for the superficial reason that i do not love the number on the scale. Partly because i am sick of my sister winning The Great Sherwood Weigh-Off.   Ramping up exercise has never really done anything for me, mostly because i associate more exercise with the ability to eat waaay more.  So this time (June) i am going to go back to basics: Move more, Eat less.  I got a fitbit (finally replaced the one that was sent to a watery grave in the washer…) and it recommended 10,000 steps a day.  Holy shit i am a sedentary person.  I bust my butt to hit 7,000 on a regular day.  So i made 7,000 my daily goal and 50,000 my weekly goal.  Also am going to try and run the lake (well work up to run, I am currently on a run, gasp, walk loop) twice a week.  On a side note- i got 10 free issues of Womens Health in the birchbox.  Better than Self, Worse than Shape.

My neighbor just got a paddleboard for his daughter.  I am super jealous, and really want one.  but i’m weighing the cost against the odds i’ll use it 5 times and then never again…. I’m a fickle beast. but i am stalking a few on ebay of course.  Also i still want a dog. That i can paddleboard with.

Another great form of exercise for June: Mowing my lawn!  guh.  the kid (man? he’s 21 now, should i switch to man?) who does this every summer won’t be home till the end of June.  Anyone who is handy with a weedwacker, come on over! i’ll pay you in beer and healthy snacks.  i’m great (ok, good) at mowing, but scared of the weedwacker.

My CSA starts next week, CAN’T wait!  Purple Pepper Farms this year, in Lake Winola, can’t get any more local than that!  A half a box of veggies should keep me eating right all summer.  at least thats the plan.


Nothing new.  Big fail there.  New Orleans is planned. Harry Potter land will be 2014 for a conference.  reflexology is still on my list.  as is a juice cleanse.  New obstacle run- i got nothing, although i am going to try and do the Army 10-miler with Dana, if i can transfer a registration.  And i am still actively minimizing.  I guess that post will be later in June after i have my yard sale.  So lots in progress, but nothing to check off yet!


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