April Showers

The Rains

The rain last night and this morning messed my workout schedule all up! i was going to run when i got home last night, then run again this AM. Instead i did nothing last night, and pilates this AM which pretty much guarantees i will be in pain for 2 days. stupid workout plan.

Linds and i like to set goals each month to strive for, either healthy food, or workout or both. Last month it was don’t drink Mon-Thurs. That went ok….but didn’t do great. I blame wine. This month we are trying to work out 5 days a week. Or 5 workouts a week in case we need to double up on a day. Hence the morning workout since i have plans after work.

My outfit today is ridic.  I am wearing mint green, straight, khaki crops, rolled up (per every GAP ad i see. seriously, look below), a coral long sleeve shirt, beige and white striped open, no-button cardigan, and a giant coral and nectarine drop necklace.  with gray sneaker skids.  thought it was going to be in the 60’s, where my outfit would have looked springy and breezy and perfect.  instead it’s in the 50’s and rainy, so i just look like a maroon.  a maroon who doesn’t check the weather.

See? it’s a thing. These are my pants, but mint green.

Things to be excited for

1. We just booked our plane tickets for our New Orleans trip last night!  I can’t wait for (as we are calling it) BEADS, BOURBON & BEIGNETS! Girls Weekend 2013 is in motion!


OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD……Just got word my every-other-year conference to end all conferences is in Orlando next year, and our speed event is closing down Harry Potter land for a night!  When they did this in the Marvel Comic section of Universal a few years ago it was ridic.  No lines for rides, half the time it was only my sister and I on the rides, the one scenario where working with a bunch of older dudes pays off!  I am seriously so excited.  Can’t decide which nerdy route to take: do i re-read all the books before i go, or re-watch all the movies? Who am i kidding? I’ll do both.

3. Electric City Craft Brew Fest- Who wants to be our DD?

Things i like right now:

1. The Voice- now with new judges!  and i love them.  I seriously want to be a judge so i can hang with them cause they seem like so much fun.

2. Running for School Board!  Missed the petition timeslot, so i have to do a write-in campaign.  So if you live in Lemon, Washington, Forkston, Or Mehoopany Twp, Write me in in May!  Still fleshing out my plan of attack.  Which sounds super creepy when i read it back.  How bout, still planning my campaign? better?

3. Running makes me sleep so much better.  This could also be because we have had BEAUTIFUL weather for a few days and i’ve been sleeping with my windows open.  But seriously, when i work out a lot my body just runs so much better.  I sleep better, i wake up better, my back is better. Now if only i could run more than a mile at a time and under 10 minutes….

I do not look like this when i run

4. My niece now laughs alot and my sister made her laugh on the phone the other day and it was hilarious.  She sounded slightly like an asthmatic old man.  huh huh huh! can’t wait to see it in person.

5. The very concept of Jurassic Park 3D.  I mean, this is going to be terrifying right? Velociraptors in my face? It’s going to be so incredible.  I am going to be so scared! SO EXCITED!


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