Tanzania, Part 1: Tarangire National Park

Location: Tarangire National Park
Accommodations: Kikoti Tented Camp

This was one of my favorite parks.  Not sure if that was because everything was so new and exciting, or it really was better.  But i loved it!  We saw tons of elephants, zebra, giraffe, warthogs, dick dicks, ostrich, impala, and even Cheetah!

Elephant Crossing!

Family Picture

Cheetahs chillin under a tree


Dick Dick

words of the day:

Jambo- Hello

Assante- Thank You

Caribu- Welcome

We rode in land Cruisers that were pimped out with 3 rows of seating and pop out roofs in each section.  My sister and i stood on the seats the whole time.  And basically hummed the Indiana Jones theme song the entire time too.  It was just so adventure-y!

Kikoti Tented Camps were amazing.  80% solar energy, 20% generator.  You had to “order” a shower in the morning, and before you woke up, they would light a fire under your hot water tank to heat it up!  They also brought you coffee or tea with your wake up call to enjoy on the porch.  The second morning Dana and i got ambitious and did yoga on our porch while the sun came up.  That was the first and last time we exercised all trip haha.

Our “tent”

Mosquito netting is everywhere!

bathroom on the left, shower on the right.

Day 2 brought even more animals! Notes: wear sunscreen and bug spray at all times. Safety first! plus the sun is brutal, very close to the equator.

elephants crossing between our 3 jeep caravan

Baobob tree, like the Tree of Life in Disney!

Sidenote- Disney did their RESEARCH! They totally got Africa right.  From Animal Kingdom to the African Lodge to The Lion King, they really nailed it.


i wrote down all the animals we saw, and even some of the trees.  Somehow i just couldn’t fit all the bird info in my head.  Something had to be sacrificed…


Sausage Tree!

Warthogs on the move


Lesson of the day: Don’t take Malaria medicine on an empty stomach.  It will make you fear you got the plague from the plane and most likely cause you to irrationaly freak out until you puke and realize why. Just saying. Eat first.

Part of me doesn’t even want to write this recap, because that means the trip is really over.  It was such an incredible trip that i kind of want to pretend it’s not really over.  We’re just on a break.  We are totally getting back together.


3 thoughts on “Tanzania, Part 1: Tarangire National Park

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure. I think you would be an asset to National Geographic!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aunt Linda

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