A Week of Limited TV

If there is ever a time to live a flawless life, for me, it is now. i live alone, i don’t have kiddos, and i have disposable income. and YET i CANNOT manage to do it all.

Let me backtrack a bit….i read a lot of blogs. and in these blogs, most people manage to do 5 things in their life at a time, numerous times per week:
1. Eat healthy food they make themselves
2. Workout regularly
3. Have an active social life
4. Have time to do crafty things / style their home
5. Spend lots of quality time with family.

Now. On any given week i can easily do 3 of those things on a regular basis. maybe 4. but all 5? more than once?  I mean who has that kind of time? I’m great at going to work, hitting the gym, coming home to make dinner, and then going to sleep. I’m also great at going to work, then going out with friends after. Great at having quality family time. What i am, apparently, not great at, is doing all of those at once. Now if i combine friends with working out, i can do better. Hint to all my friends….. but that is trickier with dating, unless i want to date a trainer. Which i think is akin to dating a plastic surgeon. (e.g.  terrifying). And yet these mysterious people in blog land manage to do all these things. and have time to blog about them daily! **note- i am sort of convinced most of them do not have jobs that require them to leave the house, which would ease things. i am also convinced they occasionally lie.

But that is beside the point. The point is i did a little detective work on a few bloggers and you know what i found? They don’t watch TV. So next week i am not going to watch TV. Well let me amend that. Lest i become one of those freaks that doesn’t even own a TV, or cannot converse intelligently about the Kardashians, i am going to severely limit my TV. I get 3 hours for the week. Thats it. Donezo. See in my head i claim i really only watch 3 shows religiously. and yet i watch an easy 2-3 hours of tv a night. Which is probs not terribly productive. So i will take a week where only 3 hours are wasted on TV and see how much i can accomplish. This should make it feasible to do all 5 things listed above numerous times.

Challenge accepted.

– sidenote: luckily for me they took the TVs off almost every machine in my gym.  And by luckily, i mean i hate it with a white hot passion.  now my entertainment is found by staring at the people doing crossfit directly in front of the ellipticals.  i have never felt like such a creeper.  my internal dialogue goes something like this:

– “whatcha doing over there crossfit guy? of some deeep stretches? nice, stretch it out.  oh now you are going to climb the rope 3 feet away from my elliptical? nice, go to it.  oh caught me staring? awkward.  sorry, i have nothing else to look at.

– hi there crossfit girl, boy you sure do get annoyed when anyone leaves the door to the crossfit room open.  uh oh, happened again, stalk over there and close it while looking annoyed.  now go back to deadlifts.  uh oh! someone else came in and didn’t properly fasten the door, back to stalking! oops, caught me staring, sorry no where else to look.

– i take a break from staring at crossfit and decide to scan the gym casually. oops, made eye contact with a creeper 2 ellipticals down. great, aaaand now i can’t look to my left for the next 21 minutes.

– decide to look at my elliptical screen. that is super entertaining for approx 2 seconds.

– back to crossfit- oh hey crossfit guy that i saw at the bar the other day! nope, not staring just nowhere else to look. oh great, an awkward smile.  awkward smile right back atcha buddy.

– god i wish i had a TV on this damn thing.

– and repeat like 7 more times.”

seriously browns. bring back the elliptical tvs.


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