How is January almost over? I mean i know time flies when you’re having fun, but apparently time also flies when you aren’t doing anything particularly special either. 5 things for January so far:

1. Organized bathroom. This took a whole afternoon, but i finally purged all my old, unused, or un-liked beauty products. Also all old cleaning products. And i had legion. of both. I actually filled a basket with products in case my friends want them (note- these are not the old ones, merely the un-liked by me products).  MINIMIZED!

2. Saw Django Unchained. it was pretty fantastic. the story was great, the acting was excellent, and the scenery and costumes were fun. Not fun? the classic tarantino blood waterfalls. i mean seriously, i’m pretty sure people don’t physically have that much blood in their bodies. i spent a lot of time covering my eyes. But i totally want to be friends with the Dentist. He’s awesome.

3. Gearing up for Africa. like literally buying gear. haha. binoculars at least. Got my shots yesterday, and BOTH arms hurt now. My body physically rebels when i get shots. Next purchase? a wicked camera so my pics look like this:

4. Got to hang with Olivs for a day. We had a fabulous girls day: coffee, shopping, lunch, tv watching. She employed her stranger danger coping mechanism and slept through it all, true to form.


she did wake up long enough for some quality activity time tho 🙂


5. Found a new addiction: World Peas

Thus far have tried the Hungarian garlic and Santa Barbara ranch.  next up: the texas BBQ and Kansas city Bacon.  Crunchy, flavorful, and fairly healthy? Sign me up!



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