New Year, New Goals

So i have 3 resolutions this year:

1. Find Inspiration. It’s very easy to criticize or judge people or things, and lately i have found myself internally doing both.  Instead of that i think it would be better to find the inspiration and the good. In this goal i’m basically going to try and be more like Serena VanderWoodsen (Blake Lively, but really, aren’t they the exact same person?). Only with less boob and less Ryan Reynolds, unfortunately.

2. Minimize.  My name is Maria, and i’m a hoarder.  Ok, only part hoarder, but the force is strong.  I need to simplify my stuff.  drastically.  I want one of those lovely, clean, stylized homes i see on pinterest.  More beauty, less piles of crap.

3. Be Flexible.  I’m pretty sure 90% of my lifes headaches and grievances are a result of people changing plans, or being late, whether it be at work or in my personal life.  it drives me INSANE.  and as much as i have tried to condition my customers, friends, and family into doing everything my way (the obviously right way) and on my schedule (the on-time schedule) it just doesn’t work.  so instead of continuing to go insane , i am going to try and be more flexible.  good luck to me.

a little dramatic perhaps…

So those are my resolutions.  Huzzah.  I also have my list of goals, but haven’t quite fleshed it out enough yet to post.  it will be up above eventually. no real timeline. when i get around to it.  when the spirit moves me.  see how flexible i am already?


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