4 Things for November

1. I finally got a new rug for my Dining room
~~Home Improvement #2 Goal: Completed.
And it looks so nice! behold the before and after pics:

Before: dark….

After: Lighter!!

2. Move More November:

in honor of the holiday season linds and i are trying to workout in some capacity every day. Because we like to eat. and eat. and eat. and wear skinny jeans. on day 1: Nov 1st, i did a morning pilates dvd at home, felt super accomplished, then came to work where my co-workers brought in leftover halloween candy and donuts. and i had both. sigh.


and it’s called…Scrabble. No they seriously came out with a WWF board game. that looks exactly like scrabble. i mean, seriously? if i was Scrabble i would be SO PISSED. cause you know idiots are going to buy it, and be like “wow what a cool idea!”.

4. Been cooking quite a bit

Butternut Squash Gnocchi- click the pic to go to the site, pretty labor intensive, but quite delicious.  the butter garlic sage sauce is awesome, and adding the gnocchi to the skillet gives them a little crisp.  Also tried them with marinara and they were delicious. and they freeze perfectly.

Pumpkin Spice granola:

pretty good alone, although don’t forget the vanilla like i did.  it needed it i think.  really good with vanilla greek yogurt for breakfast. 🙂 added bonus: makes your house smell like fall exploded.

i also made fried rice for the first time, but it was less of a recipe, and more of a pot of leftovers from a rice dish i had made from my CSA veggies.  with a scrambled egg and soy sauce.  quite tasty though.

October Bonus: Katniss for Halloween

Hi Stacey and Sharon!

Olivia was a pumpkin 🙂  Ironic since only a few short weeks ago she was a pumpkin hater…oh how they grow.


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