New Baby and a Corn Maze

First things first
Introducing: Violet Elizabeth Sherwood!

My cousins Bob and Dina just had their second baby on saturday, exactly ONE week before baby Arthurs First birthday! isn’t she adorable?

mom and baby are doing incredibly well.  36 hours after giving birth dina was already up and about and wearing her normal clothes.  clearly she is superwoman.  or the Perkosets are just that good 🙂  man, they are not even prepared for the amount of purple i am going to give her. it was great being able to get some last minute practice in with newborns too, since my sister is due any day now!  SO EXCITED

Corn Maze

another checkity check on goals, corn maze completed!

HUGE corn maze at Robas farm, that you have to find all 11 checkpoints and at each checkpoint you get a piece of the map so by the end you can “find” the exit.  *note to Robas- don’t put the exit right by the entrance, the exit was the first thing we found…* BUT we soldiered on and it took like an hour and a half to find all 11 spots.  actually it took us like 45 minutes to find 10 of them, then freaking 45 minutes to find the last one.  be warned, number 7 is a beast to find! you can also cheat like our other group did and buy the numbers from a gumball machine then mock with text pics showing everyone with google earth images…. or dancing on the stage like dave, in a video i REALLY wish i could figure out how to upload…



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