Wine & Cheese & WWR

Wine and Cheese party = wine tasting?

at least it does on my blog…. haven’t been able to squeeze a wine tasting weekend in this year, so i amended that goal to be: have a wine and cheese party on my porch! killed 2 birds with one stone: wine tasting and use my porch more.  Nailed it.

Chinese lanterns!

Step aside Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, we did chinese lanterns at the lake waaaay before you did them at your wedding.  and they are awesome.  as an aside, in my next life i would like to be blake lively please.

suri’s burn book

Um, yes, Katie, you’re supposed to wash your hair more than once a week.

possibly my favorite blog out there.  check it out. it’s hilarious.

Kim K’s closet cleanout

kanye made kim get rid of all her clothes and bought her new ones. what? that had to be a stunt for the show right? i mean not that she is exactly a fashion plate, but seriously. she has got to know more about fashion than kanye west.

White Water Rafting

it was not like this

it was exactly like this

add it to the list of things i am amazing at.  we went this weekend at the Lehigh river and it was so much fun! I was a little nervous going in, but it was not nearly as hard or treacherous as anticipated.  what was harder than anticipated? the raft. pretty sure my butt is bruised.  but for real, we were basically experts (a term i clearly use loosely) on the 9 mile, class 3 rapids, trek down the Lehigh. having some big guys along helped too.  standouts include: 360*ing thru rapids (on purpose), aaron falling in at the very end when our raft was basically not moving, saving a kids life who fell in, watching the raft of asians zig zag across the river while getting stuck in every tree they could while usually going backwards, and expertly threading the needle when necessary. oh yeah. we rocked.

T-minus one week till my sisters baby!!

how adorable is she?


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