I just got back from the nicest vacation.  i went to the Outerbanks, NC with one of my best friends and her whole family.  and it was everything a beach vacation should be: beautiful weather, sandy beaches, warm (ish) water, relaxing, and fun.  My last few vacations have been quite chaotic and action packed, so it was nice to have one where i could actually unpack and relax. and it was great to spend time with my friends kiddos and actually get to know them.  i actually felt a little bit like i was in high school again going on vacation with my friend and her parents…. (minus the kids of course)

Plus i knocked off two more goals: Go to the beach and Stand Up Paddleboard! ~had to amend my snowshoe goal- lets face it, unless i am travelling we just don’t usually get enough snow for this…  Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is pretty fabulous.  it’s a good workout, tough on the abs and arms, and quite frankly harder than i thought it would be.  the balance part is pretty easy, the tricky part is trying to go in a straight line.  pretty sure we looked like drunk babies learning to walk.  you really need to paddle once on each side to go relatively straight (like a kayak) and switching the long paddle from side to side is not super smooth and casual (unlike a kayak).  i feel like there must be some tricks, like shifting your weight or something to help you go straight.  but it was still successful and fun and i felt very much like Jennifer Aniston.  (don’t be fooled, thats jennifer down there, not me. i know it’s easy to get us confused…)

also: you can get a great tan while working out! win win.  i also ran on the beach twice in the mornings.  you know it is a really relaxing vacation when you feel like you have the time and desire to work out!  of course i did a pretty minimal jog those two mornings, pretty sure they were under two miles… but hey, if i feel the need to run, there is no better place than on the beach.  the sand makes it harder, but the view is worth it.  Outerbanks caters to a pretty athletic crowd.  i saw tons of runners, people doing yoga (both on the beach and once on a SUP!) people kayaking, and people kite surfing. which looked awesome! and wicked hard.

New Favorites:

I-Pad app– 7 Little Words. ADDICTED. word scramble type game.

Fro Yo places– the ones with like 20 flavors that you get yourself then add your own toppings from the crazy big topping bar, then pay like $17 for a little cup. love them. biggest decision is sweet or fruity.  don’t try to get cookies and cream and georgia peach in the same cup…it’s all good till they start to melt into each other.

Stars Earn Stripes- New reality show on NBC that pairs “stars” with elite military men and they compete in missions.  Craaaazy stuff, jumping out of helicopters, rappeling down buildings, using sniper rifles, shooting lots of stuff.  I totally want to do that.  Not to mention, a majority of the elite military guys are super hot.  Really entertaining!

The Elite Operatives

NCIS-LA– LL Cool J and Chris ODonnell? get out of town. plus the boss lady is a dead ringer for the lady in The Incredibles who makes the superhero costumes.

High and Lo of my day so far:

High- $.99 waffle cone at TCBY with caramel fudge eclair fro yo. i mean, how is that even a flavor?! ridic good.

Low– realizing the seam is coming apart in my pants riiiight under my zipper.  resulting in a little hole.  Good thing my pants aren’t bright pink and tight! oh wait. they are. sigh…. clearly my karma for having froyo for lunch.


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