Olympic Fever

What is it about the Olympics that instantly makes me a huge sports fan. i have never watched beach volleyball in my life and yet i was entranced on the elliptical at the gym the other day. i’m starting to plan my evenings around what sport is on! sorry, can’t go out tonite, gymnastics is on… also clearly a huge fan of swimming, in part i think because you don’t need to know any rules.  just watch to see who hits first.  also it’s a great sport for tv because they show cool angles and can highlight the lanes easily each lap. plus, you know, the hot guys:

Lochted and loaded- Ryan Lochte is totally my new Olympic boyfriend. i don’t normally dig tattoos but i guess i’ll let the olympic rings slide…. i mean wicked swimmer, ripped body, dimples, and the ability to make phelps look like a schmuck? sign me up.

Random stuff

did you know babies are hot new accessories? apparently i look fabulous holding one. not the first time i’ve been told this.  clearly i need to find a rent-a-baby program for those days when i need to look extra good.

did you also know that responsibility is the new sexy? one of my gym friends told me my responsibility and ability to get shit done was super sexy.  i mean i should probs marry this guy cause pretty sure those are two of my most underappreciated qualities….

Movie Reviews:
Dark Knight Rises

awesome. didn’t see the twist coming, and loved the ending.  it was indeed a little dark, but i was ok with that.  3 things that annoyed me:

1. they kept referring to batman as “The Batman”. i mean come on.

2. batmans voice and Bane’s voice.  both super hard to understand and fairly unnecessary.

3. the middle was a little draggy.

also the lights randomly came on in the theater in the middle of the movie.  preeetty freaky after colorado. also this movie did nothing to make me less terrified of Tom Hardy.
Step Up 4

 the plot was terrible.  the acting was pretty bad. the dancing was AWESOME.  much like watching the olympics where i want to be an olympian so bad, i want to be a dancer after seeing these movies.  every time! super fun though. would def watch again.


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