3rd Annual Transcareyautic, Part 1

i did 3 fun things last week (well actually i did way more than 3 fun things, but i’ll tell you about 3…) and 2 goals accomplished!

1. The 3rd Annual Transcareyautic (Goal #1)

last years pic, but you get the general idea

Part 1 because of the holiday falling on a weds.  the past two years massive portions of my extended family has been in and participated.  this year, half came in before the holiday and half came after the holiday.  it really messed up our swim.  but we forged ahead, and did a small group on sunday.  (Part 2 will be over labor day!) 3 of us swam one way and 3 of us swam both ways and we had 1 safety kayak and 1 paddleboat.  and no pictures because we also decided to do it during chapel so we had no audience.  it was very poorly planned. i blame me.  BUT i finished another goal and swam over and back. and it was exhausting. i was beat by a cousin who is 15 years older and a cousin who is 15 years younger. i am clearly both too old and too young to be fast. 31 is a tough age.  but i came in 3rd overall for the over-and-back!! out of 3 people… then took a celebratory paddleboat ride.  happy 4th of july!

2. Pole Dancing Fitness Class (Goal #2)

yeah, you don’t get a picture of this.  i am way too afraid to look up images on my work computer.  suffice to say we were fully clothed at all times 🙂 also, my goal wasn’t a pole dancing fitness class specifically, but a new fitness class.  this class was pretty amazing in several ways.  first: it’s a great workout. i did it 4 days ago and still have sore muscles. some of which may also be due to #1 above.  second: it makes you feel strong! it takes a LOT of muscle to spin around a pole.  this worked much like obstacle races to make me feel competent. altho at times i was holding on too tight and not so much gracefully spinning around and down the pole, as deathgripping and just spinning around a few feet off the ground.  third: it makes you feel accomplished.  granted i am not looking to make this a job (for a multitude of reasons) but i still felt really good when i figured out how to spin forward, backward and even do a fan kick into a backward spin (yeah, the beginners got fancy!) however, i will not tell you which move i almost threw my back out on…it’s ok, it was just a spasm.  it’s an interesting approach to fitness, much more technical and bruising than sexy (at least for a beginner).  i will probs stay at the beginner level, intermediate levels were practicing a backwards yoga headstand then grip the pole with your legs and pull your upper body straight up using your abs.  my friend thought we could do this- i replied that i can’t even do a headstand…. and then asked if the intermediates were doing this, what were the advanced doing? she replied: “routines”. do they have a recital at the end? come watch mommy do her “routine”!  do they dress up? do they strip? is it still a “fitness class” at that point? lots of questions on that one.

3. Oil of Olay ProX cleansing brush

not so much a fun thing i did as a fun thing i use.  it is awesome.  it’s a face washing brush mostly identical to the Clarisonic brand but waaaay cheaper.  it’s basically to your face what an electric toothbrush is to your teeth. a deep clean. i found mine at Sams. go buy one! however do not tell your cousin “it is so amazing, i haven’t broken out at all since i started using it!” because then karma will bite you in the butt and you will break out a bunch.  or so i’ve heard…


One thought on “3rd Annual Transcareyautic, Part 1

  1. I have a great idea! Maybe I should open a 24/7 babysitting service in strip clubs?! I feel like I could really make a lot of $1s

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