1st Annual Great Sister Trip

Destination: PHILLY

Did you know Tom and Katie are getting divorced?!?!. That was how our trip started, a torrent of drama and speculation. Luckily we calmed down after that 🙂 (btw- i totally think they had a contract.  they may have been in crazy, couch-jumping love, but they totes had an itemized contract.)

Anywho, back to the trip.  6 girls: two sets of sisters, one cousin, and three friends that are like sisters. which make the actual sisters like little sisters too. and the cousins like sisters. it’s all very sisterly. 2 nights at the Philly Marriott (thanks Larry!), multiple meals, one ice cream festival, 47 braids, and Magic Mike.  Don’tcha wish your sisters were cool like mine? Don’tcha.


Friday: Upon arrival to the beautiful, balmy, 97* Philly, we immediatley settled into the hotel with drinking card games (with wine, because we are sophisticated/old) and waited for everyone else to arrive.  Once we were all together, and dressed for dinner, we headed out to 13th street to fill our bellies.  We went to Barbuzzo, and could be seated immediately if we sat outside, so of course we did.  Delicious sangria and spanish tapas.  and we MELTED. sitting outside in Philly is not like sitting outside a normal restaurant.  that damn city holds so much heat and combined with the passing cars (we were basically sitting in thee street) we were sweating so bad.  like hang out in the bathroom for an overly long time cause it’s the only place with AC bad.  so we decided to go back to the hotel and drink wine.  and warm up our Channing Tatum love by watching GI Joe.  these self proclaimed CT lovers had never seen it! (but i’ve never seen The Vow so who am i to talk?) so thats what we did. and drank wine. of course.


Saturday dawned bright and early (but not as early as i feared being with 4 moms…) We got ready, had a quick braiding tutorial, and set off into the Philly sunshine in search of brunch.

seriously. our hair looked so awesome all weekend.  and sara does this to her little girl every day!! i really want to pop into her house in the AM and just sit next to her daughter and get my hair done too. i tried a few braids when i got back and they looked like crap and my arms were so tired they were falling off. clearly fancy braiding my own hair is not in my skill set.  so brunch. Green Eggs Cafe. OMG. i don’t use OMG very often, but this warrants it.  breakfast burrito the size of my head, red velvet pancakes, carmel maple creme stuffed french toast. and mimosas obviously… it was crazy good. and fairly cheap. go there.

after that we did some touristy stuff: independence hall (very appropos this time of year) liberty bell, and penns landing. and at penns landing we hit up an all you can eat ice cream festival!

apparently all you can eat ice cream without your children is a pretty big deal. and of course my sister was the only one to break the single rule: don’t throw away your spoon.  luckily she got another one, otherwise we would have had to sick amy’s big innocent eyes on them. then we had to bail on the outdoor activities, we literally had sweat dripping off our legs. i mean, you have to be damn sweaty to have it drip off your legs. *photo below is misleading, we were indeed sweaty messes.

it wouldn’t be a girls weekend without shopping so that was next. then dinner at The Continental- delish. make sure you order the shoestring fries for an appy, they come out like a haystack! cheesesteak eggroll with siracha ketchup is also amazing.  one more wardrobe change (due to the aforementioned sweat) and it was onto the main show:

at the smallest, crappiest theater i have ever been in! seriously. The Roxy? sounds fancy, has NO cupholders, no leg room, and holes in the wall and ceiling that made us fear rats. we may have overcome that with wine. did you know they make mini boxes of decent wine? like 3 glasses worth. with an easy pour top. hypothetically perfecto for the movies. but i digress. the movie? perfect for girls weekend. or maybe even a date night, or with your best-y, or your sister, or you know, tonite. or tomorrow. maybe thursday.

and The Great Sister trip came to a close. we couldn’t top mostly naked Channing tatum so we retired to our hotel to drink wine and watch male gymnasts.  who are ridic! our favorite was the guy with the faux hawk.  Then had crepes at Terminal Market in the AM and headed home. Girls weekends are easy if you stick to a few simple rules: wine, food, shopping, keep track of your buddy, and a movie with that years hottie.  if you can manage all-you-can-eat ice cream, even better. here’s a bonus for ya:

The 2nd Annual Great Sister Trip? New Orleans!

*sara i hope the improper spelling, grammer, and capitalization don’t make your eye twitch.



2 thoughts on “1st Annual Great Sister Trip

  1. Had an awesome time! I highly suggest the Bota Box and a straw for any outing where you need to bring your own wine! Dana had to get fancy with a cup – the straw makes it easier and it looks like a juice box!

  2. Hahaha!!! At first the no capitalization was making me twitch a little. I got over it as I relived all the fun in my head as my children make a screaming mess around me. Ahhh, to get away!!!
    You stop by any morning you need a new hairstyle. The front door is always open 🙂

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