CSA: Week 2 & Hiking

So for our 2nd week of CSA we got the following: Bok Choy, lettuce, white radishes, garlic scapes, kale and mustard greens!

and from that we made: kale chips (addicted! lemon juice, olive oil, garlic salt, bake); lettuce wraps with shrimps and an avocado mix of: white radishes, carrots, avocado, scapes, tomato, cabbage, lemon; bok choy saute with onions; an avocado dip, and blackcaps for dessert! the only thing we didn’t put a dent in is the mustard greens.  i tried just adding them to a salad. don’t do that. it didn’t work. they clearly need to be cooked, in like vinegar.

Athletic Acheivement #5: Hiking

This weekend we also went hiking in Ricketts Glen, it’s been years since i have been there and it was so pretty!  I made the mistake, the morning of hiking, of walking the lake with my cousin and baby A, so i’m pretty sure i clocked over 11 miles on saturday.  my legs were busted! but it was a great day of activity.

we only got lost once and blame that on parking in a different lot.  which would explain why we started hiking on the complete wrong side of the road! doesn’t explain the circle we hiked in though…. And the steps, ugh! i like the full loop hike cause you see all the falls but my legs were hating steps after that.  we made quite the picture at grotto: eating our weight in pizza and wings then hobbling out cause our legs were so busted. yeah, we’re professionals. great day.

also this week i started training for the transcareyautic.  swam 1 way across, still have to make my way to both ways. in the next 2 weeks.  and after going just across (not back) i was exhausted.  swimming is tough stuff.

my new favorite thing? this running skirt from target:

that obnoxious lime neon green underneath is shortie spandex. and perfectly matches the laces on my sneakers.  nailed it.


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