Pocono, CSA and Warrior Dash, Oh My!

Holy busy week last week!

Pocono, aka: Racecar Driver Boyfriend.

So Sunday was the Nascar race at Pocono, an event i often attend with my work and some of our customers.  Am i a huge Nascar fan? no. Do i LOVE the race? yes.  During and after the race i always want to be a race car driver groupie for a while.  i mean seriously, that would have to be the best internship ever.  as far as finding a man, i’m pretty sure it’s the only place with better odds than alaska.  (in case any of you are actively pursuing this goal, Jimmy Johnson has the best looking pit crew. we strolled past there. alot.) but for reals, i can totally see Emily whatshername (the new bachelorette) in this lifestyle.  and seriously, engaged to a Hendricks? wowza.  so if any hot Nascar drivers read this, wanna be my racecar driver boyfriend?

halfway through the race i had to give up on my Nascar crush Casey Mears, and root for Dale Jr.  Fair warning Nascar boys: I’m fickle.

Also got the best souvenir ever: SLAP BRACELET KOOZIE.  just blew your mind didn’t I?  it’s perfect for those of you that don’t have adequate koozie storage facilities.  can be stored flat or round.

CSA- Week 1, aka: Farmers Market in My House

Finally signed up for a CSA! CSA is community supported agriculture, basically you sign on with a local farm for a flat rate and get a box of fresh veggies each week for like 20 weeks.  It helps keep a steady income for farmers in uncertain conditions and also helps us eat more veggies! here is box #1:

Tons of spring mix, kale, bok choy, radishes, garlic scapes, and black bean garlic scape dip.  so what did we do with it all?  made kale chips (olive oil, garlic salt, lil parm cheese, bake till crispy) a salad using the spring mix and radishes, ate the dip with some homemade tortilla chips and saved the rest for later!

i ended up using my bok choy in a veggie stir fry (bit of a fail) and the scapes as a garlic replacement in black bean and corn salsa (raging success) and the spring mix and radishes in more salads.   also i mixed the garlic scape bean dip in with some black bean hummus and it wasn’t as “bitey”.  can’t wait to see what we get tomorrow!  thus far it has made me eat more veggies cause i hate to waste them.  (clearly i don’t mind letting my grocery store veggies get wasted, but i guess that is a different midset?)  for this week i prepped and got some protein (shrimps for the grill) some more veggies in prep for a salad, and have my salsa to compliment everything.  bring it on CSA! btw: it’s with Anthill Farms, delightful people thus far.

WARRIOR DASH, aka: I’m a Badass. kinda.

So the Warrior Dash is fairly similar to the Dirty Girl Mud Run except for 3 things:

1. still an obstacle 5K: now with BOYS!

2. It’s HARD.  dirty girl was not.

3. you get FILTHY. like someone dipped you in a milkshake filthy. except the milkshake is mud.



it was really, really, awesome.  some of the obstacles were easy: dodge swinging tires (altho i totally have my only injury from this, a scrape on my shoulder. tires are mean.), walk over a balance beam type thing, crawl under stuff, jump over fire (sounds cool, really just smokey and stinky, and like a foot high).  Some obstacles were harder: climb up an inclined wall using a rope, float through a mud pit under barbed wire, climb another short wall, scoot along a 1/2″ ledge using rock climbing handholds.  3 were HARD: crawl over a flat cargo net, then go up and over the inclined one- the flat part was hard to balance and hurt your hands; climb up a 15 foot non-inclined wall using a rope and sporadically placed 1/4″ boards, then climb over the wall, step down a few feet and drop from like 10 feet; and our favorite: peaks and valleys (what we named it) huge plywood sheets set up like this: WWWW, and you had to crawl in the valleys, situate yourself so your hands and feet are on different sides and your whole body is parallel to the ground, then scootch your way across and jump out. talk about a core workout.  both that one and the deaddrop wall i misjudged and jumped from too high up.  no injury, but def a thought of “holy crap that was way farther than anticipated!”  it was great, i would totally do it again.  it was also satisfying to pass all these gym guys with huge muscles at our slow trot.  all lifting and no cardio makes a 5K pretty tough for some of them.  suckas.

this was before we got hosed off.  literally: their clean up area is a firetruck with 3 guys spraying people with fire hoses (on minimum pressure i imagine).  that part kinda sucked.  but then i got my free beer and forgave them 🙂

Goal Updates:

3 more down!  (1) Got my house re-painted (it looks loverly now) and at the same time got my (2) Grandmas bench repainted! (and as an added bonus, my porch swing). the guys that did everything are fantastic. my house is looking spiffier than ever, especially since i also got new steps! sayonara rotten wood!

also due to the CSA am (3) eating more veggies!

extra added bonus

I got 2 pairs of TOMS!  i feel like i’m pretty late to this party but oh wells.  they are adorbs. i got these two and they are both so comfy so far! and good karma, for every pair of TOMS shoes you buy, they donate one pair to a child in need.  shoes for everyone!


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