Celtication: WALES

Wales is, in one word: Charming.

But first we had to get there, just a short jaunt through Scotland and England to reach Wales.  it only took a million hours.  ha. but on our way we stopped at Hadrian’s Wall, a great stone wall 15 feet high that separates Scotland and England.  or it used to…. apparently pillagers and damn tourists chipped away and stole the stones, so now it looks like this:

Finally we arrived in Llandeilo Wales:

interestingly enough, this is the place where we did the most shopping.  We were only here for like 18 hours, and spent a few of them wandering the little town and popping into the little stores.  we also took a picture on Crescent Road, trying to mimic an old postcard that my mom has from her ancestor:

My family is largely welsh, coming from both parents, and while we couldn’t find where the Williams are from (my dads side), we did find this postcard from my moms side (Evans) so this is where we went. 🙂  that hugh williams on my dads side is hard to trace back, but we did find this upon rolling into Llandeilo.   What up cousin of some sort!

pretty sure every third person in Wales is either a Williams or an Evans.

-fun fact: in wales they don’t call them Welsh cookies, they just call them cakes.  and my moms are better.  Wales mascot is also a red dragon which i think is awesome.


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