Celtication: SCOTLAND

Day 3- Arrive in Scotland
Upon arrival in Cairyryan, we drove our cars off the ferry and up the coast, then over to Edinburgh. You think Ireland is green? Scotland is greener. Seems impossible, but true story. it was so green my camera couldn’t even do it justice, so no pics.  plus off the coast there was a random island that was cool looking.  took a pic for bill cause he was driving, and seriously, everytime you see something cool driving, as soon as the driver looks (ruin! castle! cool island thingy!) up pops a hedgerow, stone wall, hill, or wall of cows to block the view. the burden of the driver.

2 road signs to note in Scotland:(1) HIGH RISK OF BEER IN ROAD.  it may have said *Deer, but we prefer to think it said beer since both Bill and I read it that way… (2) Haste Ye Back- which we don’t know…. the obvious conclusion would be “come back soon” but we saw it literally every 2 miles for like 10 miles then never again.  perhaps it was just a really friendly part of Scotland.  or their tourism bureau is working HARD. or the sign placers were drunk from all the beer in the road, who knows.
Dinner at Fishers- AMAZING seafood. i seriously had fantastic gumbo.  and the brown bread in ireland and scotland is just to die for.
 Day 4- Edinburgh
Went on a tour of Edinburgh Castle which is gorgeous.  it’s right in the middle of the city and they call it Castle Rock cause it is way up on this giant rocky outcropping just chillin in the middle of the city.

The castle is really cool. we saw these guys:

my sister shot a cannon,

we toured the armory museum, saw the royal jewels (which i always feel is a bit of a rip cause they put all the awesome stones in like swords).  also saw the STONE OF DESTINY. which is literally a big square-ish slab of stone with iron handles on either side for easy moving.  apparently it has sat under the throne of every coronation in England for like a million years.  (used to be part of the actual throne until some war busted it apart) so now they transport back to England whenever there is a coronation.  pretty fancy pantsy. for a hunk of rock.  we also saw foog’s gate (what up doug!)

After the castle tour, we walked the Royal mile, and had lunch at The Witchery, which is an awesome restaurant.  really really, cool.

Then we had dinner at The Living Room, and i got the Scottish Plague.  what is it with me and travelling and plagues lately?  altho this one was much preferable to the Icelandic Plague.  trust me.  sore throats are much more conducive to travelling.
 Day 5- Edinburgh / Dalhousie
Recovered from Plague, had a great breakfast at the Red Squirrel (they have tons of fruit parfait options that you can enjoy in a bowl OR they will throw it in the blender and make u a smoothie!)
Walked the Royal Mile again to Hollyrood (where the Queen stays when she is in Scotland) only to have it be closed again.  i Blame the Jubilee.

Had lunch on the mile where we had a Pimms cup, which i LOVE.  and found Pimms at the liqueur store, so Pimms Cup all summer, oh yeah!

it was a very low souvenir buying trip.  but i was determined to get a cool souvenir in Scotland.  and mom bought me a cape (which i will model later at the castle…)
Back in the car, and we drove to Dalhousie Castle!!

i think this was my favorite part of the trip.  spending a day and night at a legit castle is just so cool.  (and really not that crazy expensive)we arrived in the early afternoon, had snacks on the patio, visited the falcony, walked the grounds, took a spin in the spa, then settled down for the main event: Dinner in the Dungeon!

it was incredible.  a five course set menu, the food was delicious, and the plating was so classy! straight off the food network for sure!  we also had a good game of name that tune.  all the background music was literally hits from the 80’s, all instrumental, and slightly jazzier. made for a good game.

Catherine the Ghost- Did i mention the castle was haunted?  By Lady Catherine, a English girl kidnapped by the Scots in the 1800’s (i think) who was brought to Dalhousie and basically forced to serve as a concubine.  so she locked herself in the tower and killed herself by starvation.  her likes- weddings and spas, her dislikes- bagpipers, and men in general.  so dana and i went ghost hunting, but found nada.  but i did wear my cape.

Quick christmas card pic the next morning and then we were off to Wales!


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