Celtication: IRELAND

For the last few years my family has done an annual ski vacation (aka: skication) when we decided to travel to the British Isles this year, clearly the first thing we needed was a good vacation name, thus: CELTICATION. 8 days, 4 countries, 6 and 1/2 people, 2 cars, and 1 awesome vacation. I could do an in depth day by day recap, but to be honest i slacked on my vacation journal, and slacked on writing this when it was still super fresh, so instead you get a day by day/country recap.
First Stop: IRELAND

Day 1: Arrive in Dublin

after settling into the Beacon Hotel (lovely) we trekked over to the Brazen Head Pub- the oldest Pub in Dublin.

had a little lunch and most importantly, some drinks.  after putting in a full day of work, then flying all night, then having to function as if it was morning all over again, we were tuckered out.  so we tucked into some guinness stew, guinness beer, cider, and fish & chips we were off to our second destination, the Guinness Storehouse, for the full Guinness experience, tour, and tasting. clearly we didn’t get enough at lunch haha.

Now you get a free Guinness at the end, in the bar at the top of the warehouse, and it is rumored to be the “best Guinness in Dublin”.  as all Guinness tastes the same to me, i cannot verify this.  but i CAN say it might be the best view in Dublin!

man, we all look so tired.

Along the way we also stopped into a pretty old church and had a little tour.  They had something called “The Lucky Stone” that you rub for good luck. So we did. and then we left.  good story huh?

Then we went to  pub, had some more drinks, some dessert, watched some rugby, realized none of us understand rugby,  and crashed at the hotel. hard.

Day 2: Kildare & Galway

Headed to Kildare to see the Irish National Stud, where they breed thoroughbreds.  They also have a Japanese Garden there.

This is Jeremey, When the Queen visited 2 weeks agao, he reared up at her, caused Prince Philip to fall backwards into the bushes, and the Queen just clutched her purse tighter.  As our VERY Irish guide said “The Queen is a real horsewoman, that she is”.

We thought this little guy was dead at first (headlines read: and the tourists are horrified…!) but he was just snoozin.

i mean could this place be more beautiful?

After those delights we got back in the car and continued to Galway where we unloaded at the Galway Bay Hotel and had lunch at Lohans.  (i’m assuming no relation to Lindsey cause they had their shit together…)  more beer, cider, guinness/lamb stew and fish and chips.  the food over there was WAY better than anticipated.  we did not have a single bad meal.  After this, half of us got back in the car to go see the Cliffs Of Moher, on what was certainly the scariest drive of my life.  those roads in Ireland are no joke. driving on the wrong side of the road, on the wrong side of the car, where 4 inches to your left you have a stone wall, and 4 inches to your right you have oncoming traffic.  we had a rule that you had to scream inside your head, not outside. each of us broke that rule a few times.

so at the base of the cliffs you can climb up to the right where there is a huge tower, climb back down, and then climb up to the left where there is no big stone fence so you can walk right out to the edge (after you hop the little fence that is ;))  so, to the right:

hey look it’s the left, let’s go over there!

don’t trip:

travelling sherwoods, and tiny tower from the right!

so pretty!


We woke up bright and early again, and hit the road to Belfast to catch our Stena Ferry to Scotland, cars and all baby!

parked the cars and scooted inside to get a sweet spot for the ride. and lunch. and beers.

goodbye Ireland, Hello Scotland!


i have made some good eats from the internets lately.  both were super easy to make and really really delicious.  click the pics to get to the blogs/recipes.

1. Cookie Dough Truffles from Bakerella. i didn’t do the sprinkles or sticks tho.

2. Mexican lettuce Wraps from Peas and Thank You, otherwise known as chickpea tacos to me.  i omitted olives and jicama and added peppers, goat cheese, and cucumber.


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