Betting Birthday Bonanza!

Goal: Random Fun #10: Horse Racing!

Weds was my birthday and it was such a great day! thus far 31 is pretty good. my friends all came out (even tho it was a school night ha) and we went to Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs to have dinner, bet on the ponies (still on a high from the Kentucky Derby, i want to watch horse races ALL the time now, i half considered wearing a hat to the races. good thing i didn’t.) and then gamble a bit in the casino. the crew:

we started at Rustic Kitchen, which i really like, in the casino.  it has a Italian- Mediterranean menu and some awesome light fixtures.  seriously, go check them out.  i got a Bolognese pasta which was incredible.  so good. my friend wrinkled her nose at it because she thought it meant it was made with bologna…. possibly my favorite line of the night. meat, yes. bologna, no.  also of note: the caesar salad comes in a parmesan bowl.  whoa.

After that we headed to Pocono Downs (kind of behind the casino) track to watch some horse racing! it’s harness racing so the jockey (driver?) is in a little cart behind the horse, not on top.

OMG. so fun! we sat outside and watched until we got too cold, but i fully plan on doing this all the time in the summer.  we mostly bet on one horse per race, $2 bet, for 5 races.  so for $10, we were super entertained for like 2 hours!  and i think almost everyone won something! i walked out with a sweet $9.80 profit.  and i picked the first place horse in two races. one horse a bunch of us won on? #5: I’m Fabulous. how could i not pick him?

clearly $2 bets don’t really pay out big….  equally as fun was the people watching.  there are some interesting people at the track.  i think i’ll just leave it at that cause otherwise i’m sure to offend someone 😉

After we collected all our winnings, we headed to the casino floor to lose them again.  and we also may have hit the ATM machine :).  we started off with roulette (my fave) and i showed the girlies how to play.  pick some numbers, put money on them, cross your fingers.  thats basically it.  and don’t switch up your numbers, cause thats when whatever number you stopped betting on will hit.  loved the $5 table! took me way longer to lose my money than usual.  also i hit on 31 (my new age) so clearly this is going to be a fab year. then of course we headed to Blackjack, where i think for once in my life i actually walked away before i lost all my money! less because of my good sense, and more because we had to leave since everyone worked the next morning, but still, it’s a victory.

plus i have even more exciting news! LB and i signed up for the warrior race in june! it’s like the dirty girl, but with barbed wire, fire, and boys! and we got like the last two spots on saturday. we might even train for this bad boy.

oh yeah, and you run over junk cars.  can’t wait.


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