Dirty Girl Mud Run

Quite the weekend!

Friday: The Avengers!

the excitement began on friday night with THE AVENGERS!!! so happy we went opening night, and i already want to see it again.  i was so afraid it wouldn’t live up to my expectations, but i’m pretty sure it surpassed them.  The Avengers was very action packed, gave each hero a chance to shine, and was SO FUNNY.  my friend actually said “i laughed so hard at one point, i almost blacked out”.  i almost have to go again because i missed some dialogue because after funny lines the audience was laughing so loud. true story.   if you want to see a mini scene with the villain from the next one, stay.  if you want to see a very mini scene with the heroes, stay till the verrrrry end. try not to drink a lot so you aren’t in pain waiting like my group was…. L.o.v.e.d. it.  Although clearly I loved it a little too much because i must have been trying to Hulk out in my sleep and woke up with a jacked up neck on saturday for the race! bummer.

Saturday: The Dirty Girl Mud Run!

2 goals in one: Run a 5k and do an obstacle run!!

My very first obstacle race! and it was awesome! minus the jacked up neck… had to have linds run on the right of me the whole race cause i couldn’t turn to the left.  blerg.

before the race: nice and clean!

The obstacles were the following:

climb hay bales- itchy, but not hard

run through water/mud pit- wet mud in the sneaks, yum.

wall climb- maybe 8 or 10 feet, fairly easy with 2×4’s nailed on skinny side.  saw one girl kick another girl in the head as she swung her leg over. don’t do that.

run thru tires- high knees

wade through water/mud pit- we made an unfortunate decision here.

Rappel down muddy incline

crawl through tubes with water/mud in them-  easier to crabwalk

army crawl under net-  easy but hurt cause they had rocks in the mud… also saw a lot of headbands in this section.

hanging tires-  step in tires and swing to next one till you’re through

cargo net-  climb up 20 feet go over then climb down, fun

tubes again- still crabwalk

final mud pit- then finish line!

also with a 5K of “running” throughout.  i put that in quotes cause they had us on the side of road, and through woods with so many rocks and tree roots and uneven ground that you had to walk alot to avoid breaking an ankle.  my favorite was the cargo net.  i also really liked the hanging tires cause everyone else gave up and walked thru and we persevered and figured out how to swing through.  although the ropes sucked cause they were hemp and ate our hands.  the unfortunate decision was made at a water obstacle where you had to run through like a foot of water and there was a back up so we opted to go to the left, where there was another route through water.  hopped in, and GOOOSH. up to our waists with water.  oops. it was a great feeling though to breeze through the obstacles.  i always figured i would be good at obstacle stuff, and guess what? i am. even with a jacked up neck! (although admitadley the obstacles were not super hard ones).  another thing we did WAY right? glaring neon tank tops.  made us SO easy to find amongst the sea of black and pink.  plus we figured if there was a major back up we could just direct traffic along the way. haha.  and we even saved our gross muddy sneakers for our next potential accomplishment: the Warrior Dash! like the dirty girl, but with fire, and barbed wire. and boys 🙂

Post-Race, muddy for sure

muddy and cheesy 🙂

after the race we “cleaned up” at the hoses they had there and put non-wet clothes on. over a fair amount of mud because that stuff was toxic grade, didn’t really come off with water….  and of course, we continued our neon theme.  🙂

with our photog and cheering section

Cinco de Mayo!

we got our free beer, and headed out to Pancheros to celebrate Cinco De Mayo!  we hadn’t really eaten all day, so we housed some mexican.  i ate a burrito the size of my head in like 5 minutes.  and it was delicious.

Kentucky Derby!

after we went home and showered off the mud, we headed to my parents for the Kentucky Derby party!  lots of the ladies were in stylish hats, we drank mint juleps, and of course bet on the race! My pick, Gemologist, didn’t win, but it was still a fantastic race. and the jockey that did win, it was his first time in the derby! crazypants!  hopefully my luck will be better on my b-day when we go to Pocono Downs 🙂

other party highlights include:

seeing the bear! there is a bear that has been living by my parents, he even tried to break into my uncles screened in porch.  linds and i saw him loping across the field in my parents backyard and in our excitement of screaming “the bear! the bear! we see the bear! he’s right there!” we may have scared him off.

the super moon! it was indeed super. and a moon.

and then i was so tired i was in bed by 10pm on a saturday 🙂


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