Get Off Your Ass April

So this April my friend LB and I decided to do a 30 day challenge to work out (in some capacity) every day. i also recruited my friend and one of my sisters.  So far we have been successful, at best it’s gym, yoga or running, at minimum it’s situps or planks or squats.  It always amazes me how some days it’s hard to find the time (or the motivation) to do just 10 minutes of working out. but i figure not only will this be good for our health / bikini bodies, but it will also get me in the habit of working out more steadily.  so feeling lazy or winter heavy? start doing Get Off Your Ass April.

A few highlights:

Last weekend we decided to get our workout in by kayaking for the first time this year.  it wasn’t so much the cold (50ish) as the wind that made this such a bad idea.  we literally paddled furiously for like 20 minutes and i’m pretty sure we barely got to the next dock. after we bailed on that idea and let the wind blow us back in we did a little ab and plank work to round out the arm bonanza of windy kayaking.  Even though it was an epic fail, it was still fun and we did get the kayaks cleaned off and ready for the season, so, bonus.

Yesterday we went to 6 Flags for the Brown Girls’ b-day.  And i’m gonna make it official: Riding rollercoasters is INDEED a workout.  If it wasn’t, then why am i so sore today? i love rollercoasters, but i still have to grip the handholds SUPER tight and generally close my eyes.  that is apparently both an arm and ab workout cause those are mighty sore today.  also mighty sore? the inner thighs from the Green Lantern coaster.  go ahead, take some time to giggle at the jokes you just crafted in your head.  Green Lantern is a stand up coaster, and you have basically a bicycle seat between your legs (i’m assuming in case someone passes out they don’t just slide out of the restraints then) which can be a bit harsh when the g-force hits you. plus we walked at least a few miles. 6 Flags is big! i needed this when i got home:

Easter weekend my fam spent sunday walking around the Capitol building in DC.  super pretty with all the flowers out and between that walking and farmer’s markerts walking i count that as a workout.  any walking over a mile i count as a workout btw.

spent a whole evening going through my giant stack of shape magazines and ripping out the workouts i liked. then i recycled the rest of the magazine (good for me and the environment).  these i use for the nights when i only have a little time/motivation.


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