Iceland: Day 3

Day 3: Blue Lagoon, Departure, Icelandic Bug of Death

On our last day we did a little more shopping

Then headed to our big destination: THE BLUE LAGOON. Possibly the most famous geothermal pool in Iceland.

That day it was FREEZING and WINDY.  the kind of wind that blows and you can’t breathe for a little while.  As we walked down the wind tunnel of hell that leads to the blue lagoon building we contemplated our level of crazy. on a day when we were bundled to the max and were freezing our butts off after being outside for 5 minutes, we were about to go back outside, in our BATHING SUITS and get into a supposedly hot natural geothermal pool with a bunch of other tourists? challenge accepted Iceland.  apparently we were that crazy.  and it was quite the experience.  from the neck down we were toasty warm and basking in the luscious minerals and salts of the lagoon, from the neck up we were quickly getting wind burned and seriously considering the likelihood of our faces just cracking off our heads. see that mist? thats steam hitting the frigid air.

but we did it! and it was def a unique experience.  we lasted about 30 minutes, 10 of which were spent in the entrance cave hiding from the wind, but i would def do it again, preferably on a day with less wind…

after that we headed back to the airport to begin our journey home.  after a 5 hour flight, hour in JFK, 3 hour drive home, and five minutes in my house, the Icelandic Stomache Bug of Death hit.  so i had a FANTASTIC weekend AND got to lose 8 lbs in 36 hours. Quite the week indeed. thanks a heap Icelandaire.

Iceland Fun Facts

1. If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes. Literally. it changes like 57 times a day. snowy, sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy, sleety. everything all in one day.

2. Iceland has no standing army. standing trees, yes. army, no.

3. Iceland has around 318,000 people.

4. A vast majority of street names have more than 16 letters. and a vast majority of those letters are consonants. this is the street our hotel was on.

5. Superjeeps- preferred form of transportation for tours.

6. Their specialty is lambs head stew. As in a whole lambs head IN a stew.

7. Even tho they use polar bears as their unofficial mascots, apparently there are not really any polar bears in Iceland.  It seems they swim 200 miles from Greenland and are promptly shot when they get to Iceland.  No standing army but pretty fierce game control.


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