What happens in Vegas….ends up on my blog!

Travel goal #1: America Travel- Las Vegas!

So i went to Las Vegas for a conference last week, and amidst all the learning, applauding, schmoozing, and buffet-eating managed to fit in quite a bit of fun! Both at the conference and on my one day off.  So here is my Las Vegas 2012 Top 10 List:

1. Exotic Car Road Course Extravaganza: Drove a Lamborghini Gallardo 3 laps around a road course with a professional driver telling me what to do. Coolest/scariest thing ever.

check out the sexy helmet

2. David Copperfield: He made 13 people from the audience disappear!

3. Jaleo– Spanish Tapas restaurant in The Cosmopolitan. Fantastic food.  if you go, get the cucumber cocktail, endive salad, and shrimp tapas.  Delicious.

4. Peepshow: Burlesque show with Holly Madison (Hef’s old GF), the one racy thing i did in Vegas!

5. Charlie Daniels Band: He was awesome! Entertainment at conference night event, and he still totally rocks a fiddle!

6. The Cosmopolitan: New hotel next to the Bellagio, super pretty and fancy, has a giant Chandalier bar in the middle! Had a massage in their spa and the tables were heated, soooo relaxing.

view from my room: MGM, Aria, New York New York, Monte Carlo, and Mandalay Bay.

7. The Social House: spicy tuna roll- great, waiter- fantastic, wasabi bloody mary- blew my head off. and not in a good way…

8. Slot Machines: This was my preferred gambling this trip.  I mainly played the Fish game and the Egypt game cause they had the best bonuses.  which i hit several times! and at times i was up $40 or $60 from my original $20.  But then i kept playing cause i REALLY wanted to hit the lightning bolt bonus on Egypt. and lost it all. i love slots though.

9. Fake gambling: My FAVORITE type of gambling.  at the evening even for my conference (where we did the car racing and Charlie Daniels played) they also had fake tables set up where you played with fake money. and of course since it wasn’t real money, i ROCKED it.  was totally playing blackjack with $500 (fake) chips cause i won so much.  and hit like all my numbers on roulette.

10. The Weather: 72* and sunny every day! any hotter and i would have wasted too much time slothing by the pools 🙂

Honorable Mentions: People watching, the hotels (!), the spa at the Cosmo, Bond bar, the Sugar Factory and Cabo Wabo.


aka: Non-Measurable goal #3: Walk the lake more

Remember how i said i wanted to start running this year? well i did. yesterday. and it was AWESOME.  I ran/walked around the lake yesterday cause it was so nice AND i was out of work early.  40* and sunny.  so i tackled the 3 and a half miles with my ipod like so: run for 3 songs, walk for 3 songs, run for 2 songs, walk for 2 songs, run for 2 songs, walk / stretch for 2 songs, and DONE.  i am not a great runner, so i was surprised at how good i felt throughout the whole workout.  maybe i had a “runners high”. or endorphins.  or maybe i just felt so good to be outside in my cool running outfit with good music.  or maybe all the time at the gym is actually paying off.  probs all of the above.  but i will say this: running outside in the winter makes you feel BADASS. even running super slow and walking half the time.  maybe this running thing will actually stick! i am going to try for one or two mornings a week once it warms up a little, and in the meantime going to try for at least once a week (probs on weekends until daylight savings hits).


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