Are you wearing pink or red?

On monday i tackled:

Non Measurable Goal #5: Learn to like red wine.

There was a fancy event at State Street and my friend linds and i signed right up. 5 course dinner and wine tasting? Happy Valentines day to us!

Per usual we were the youngest people by about 20 years (unless its the summer, State Street draws an older crowd) we were also the only party of 2 (who knew that fancy wine tasting events were done in groups?).  As a consequence, we got the delux, super cozy, half circle booth at the back of the room.

as a consequence of that, most of the people at the even assumed we were a couple.  one lady even said “such a cute couple! and don’t worry, we’re ok with it!” um, ok. we didn’t even bother to correct her, let her go tell her friends that she went to a wine tasting with lesbians. oooo, so daring… probs made her whole night.  i was going to title this post “my night as a lesbian” but figured people would get the wrong idea…..

anywho, Sherwood, Party of 2:

who needs a man when you have this:

so i think i can say i am well on my way to liking red wine! i enjoyed both of the reds they offered (altho i still like the white and the champers better) and clearly am now a wine aficionado.  plus it was nice to have a happy valentines day outing with a good friend. today will be less cheery as i am going to a viewing for a friend who died much too young.  You will be missed jay.


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