You are Invited to an Awesome Shower


So i went to a baby shower this weekend in NYC (visit NYC more, checkity check) and it was delightful. And this is coming from a girl who hates showers. I really do. it’s genetic. as a 30 year old woman i have probs been to 30+ showers in the last 10 years, not to mention around 30 weddings. thats a lot of presents to buy and games to play. and while i L.O.V.E. game night games, i hate shower games. i mean does anyone truly like them? (besides my cousin Dina, man was she in the wrong car, she LOVES showers.) this shower only had one game and it had low audience participation (good) but made me extremely nervous (odd feeling at a shower). it was a tiny plastic baby frozen into an ice cube, and when your ice cube melted and revealed the tiny baby you got to shout “my water broke” and won a prize.  like i said low participation and you could easily ignore the game altogether (my kind of shower game). but then you were left with a tiny floating baby in your mimosa. a baby that either floated face up or, worse, face down. a charming little game that took a very dark turn.  but as always, it was great to see my 20+ female cousins (and a few of the men before they fled to brooklyn for pizza, lucky jerks) and there were some adorable kiddos running about which i always like. and i got to theme my nails for the shower / valentines day

i honestly think one of my problems with showers is the presents.  there are none for me.  and i like to open presents.  i like to buy presents too, but i like more of an equal distribution. you know, give a gift: get a gift.  clearly what i need to do is have my own shower.

“An Awesome Shower: This year I am getting Awesomer!”

“I’m Expecting…. Awesomeness!”

“Help Maria Celebrate: Being Awesome!”

“Awesome Proposed and I Said Yes!”

gifts welcome.


I lost our betting pool by one point.  I bet 39…. and almost won $90.  i consoled myself with a GIANT (pun!) spread of superbowl food, wine, and my nephew in his football jammies with the football on the butt and little feet that looked like cleats. These footie pajamas with the themed feet slay me, they are hilarious.  The commercials were pretty good too. Madonna was just “meh” in my opinion.


Pretty sure the vending machine at work is trying to help me eat better.  it jammed the pop-tarts button so i couldn’t get one this AM and had to settle for a strawberry special K bar. which is not nearly as tasty as brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts, but probs wise after the aforementioned superbowl spread.  well played vending machine.

The Voice is back! i don’t watch Idol, or Xfactor, but i really like The Voice! i think cause the judges are so entertaining and the beginning is clearly the best part where people have to sing their hearts out and pray one of the chairs turns around.  Cee-Lo is crazy weird, Xtina is just crazy. and a HUGE (annoying) attention hog. and def had to be told by producers that the contestant used to be on the mickey mouse club with her, no way she remembered him. she also needs to learn how to better dress her boobs.  Blake Shelton is actually quite lovely and endearing, and this show made me like Adam Levine. He’s so tiny and tattooed and seems super invested in his team doing awesome.

Goal updates

– Went to another hockey game on Friday, and saw 3 mini fights! Mohegan Sun is still against fighting it would seem.  But we saw the start of 3 pretty good ones.  so Yay. we also saw Viggo Mortensen in disguise as a janitor with a scraggly long gray wig. Nice try Viggo, we know it’s you. Probs researching for a role as a stadium janitor obviously.

– Walking across the frozen lake: pretty sure not gonna happen.  during our biggest cold spell i only saw two ice fisherman. before i walk across a frozen lake i need to see: dozens of fisherman, huts, tables, chairs, small children and at least one quad or snowmobile.  not looking good unless we get a freakishly cold feb.

– Snowshoeing: no snow. not looking good. ditto for skiing cause i don’t like to ski on rocks.  but we may get enough snow for these two, holding out hope.

– Read better books: Think we are going to start our own book club! a chance to read a good book, eat fancy snacks and drink wine once a month? yes please.


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