Healthier Eating

Non-Measurable Goal #8: Eat more fruits and vegetables

I suppose this was a goal this year, so here you go.  I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately.  One big thing with me is i automatically assume if i make it myself, then it’s healthier.  Which is true in a processed food/salt sort of way in most cases. But my main problems are portion control and snacks. mainly portion control with snacks if i’m being honest. so i’m working on incorporating grapes and carrots into my “get home from work/gym/yoga and stuff everything available into my face cause i’m dying of hunger” routine.  also smoothies cause that is the bestest way for me to get a power pack of fruits into my life. (yogurt, oj, pom juice, frozen strawberries and peaches, Blend.)  But my absolute new obsessesion is weighing me down a bit:

pita chips: baked twice for healthy goodness! unless you eat an entire bag every 2 or 3 days.  seriously.  i can easily buy these twice a week. i once ate a whole bag in one day!  but i offset my unhealthy healthiness by trying to eat better dinners. one of my new faves is tofu! and i’m not even a vegetarian… BUT i don’t eat a whole lot of meat (mostly cause i’m too lazy to cook it) and tofu is a good source of protein and other vitamin type things. and is technically a veg! (i think. i mean it’s made from soybeans right?)  The only way i know how to make it, i learned from Mama Pea:

and what do you dip it in? have no fear, she covers that too:

this stuff is addictive. plus it has chickpeas which count as a new veg for me!  it has a nutty, cheesy, creamy, tangy deliciousness. i have thus far used it to dip my tofu, veggies, and of course my beloved pita chips.  The tofu is good, the broiling helps fix the weird texture problem tofu has, and the extreme marinating makes it super flavorful.  plus you can sort of burn it so it’s a little crispy which is nice.  *note: i do broil it almost twice as long as the recipe says to get it to look like the pic.  maybe her oven is way hotter than mine?  i am super tempted to make the tofu and dip for the superbowl and tell the guys it’s fried cheese or something.  then laugh when they love it and i say it’s tofu. bazinga!

TV obsessions lately

Still Chopped. also Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, Vampire Diaries and Real World/Road Rules challenges.  It’s like i’m a 15 year old girl. who cooks.  oh and Big Bang Theory STILL. (see Bazinga! above).

Exciting stuff coming up

FINALLY signed up for the Go Dirty Girl Mud Run.  i would attach a link, but the security block on my work computer would probs think it was a porn site.  ok i lied. actually it blocks it for “Sports and Recreation”.  Phew, thank god they are blocking that smut from my computer! i would hate to think people were looking up sports info online! stupid blocks. if you want to check it out.   i will save the super cool map of obstacles and other photos for the actual event.

what else?

i am big into sending mail right now.  to make up for my lack of christmas cards (um, i was too busy…?) i’m sending valentines cards! i even bought Love stamps AND red glitter stickers.  oh my loved ones are indeed lucky.  also, sending invites for my moms b-day dinner.  to all 6 addresses. 3 of which are my family.  but hey! getting mail is fun and invites make things fancier.


2 thoughts on “Healthier Eating

  1. if you’re looking for a good post workout drink which will give you the right kind of calories to help your body rebuild and not totally destroy all the good things you’ve done at the gym, try “After Glow”. It’s a powder they sell at like GNC which replaces the nutrients lost and is worth like 7 bananas (minus all the bad sugars and carbs) and gives you good calories and complex carbs to help with future workouts. and it’s tasty too!

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