Goal #2 The Mighty Ducks

Fun stuff goal: Go to a Hockey Game

and by Mighty Ducks i clearly mean WB/Scranton Penguins, AKA the Baby Pens.  I love hockey games they are so exciting and aggressive and have tons of jazzy music every few minutes. (the only thing better is bullriding!)  my friends and i keep saying we are going to buy season tickets, and yet every year passes and we still don’t! Next year for sure.  at least one of the 10 game packages.  so we wore our puffy coats and fingerless gloves and i drank some Molson (canadian, duh. much like hockey itself.)

the only thing i dislike about the baby Pens is there are almost NO fights.  Literally a punch is almost thrown and the refs are already there breaking it up.  whats that all about? lame-o.  also whenever their sticks break they just leave them on the ice as they skate off.  why not just pick it up and take it with you? my friend said it was probs because they were “too tired”. i prefer to think it’s their little rebellion against the refs.  “you won’t let me fight when i wanna fight? fine. now go pick up my stick.”

i’m pretty sure this goal falls under: Fun things to do in NEPA that i never do cause i figure i can do it whenever. farm league basball also falls in this category. and skiing. and, well, lots of things.  so, one at a time 🙂  BTW we won, go Baby Pens!  I think i need to buy some cool Pens stuff, perhaps a jersey or hat or something.  fun fact: the pens mascot is a penguin named Tux. get it?

I also have a new crafty endeavor!

one of my favorite parts of a manicure is the salt scrub they run into your hands and arms then you wash off and your skin feels amazing.  sooo last time i had a manicure my girl told me they make their own scrub, and then told me how to make it myself! and it’s super, ridic, easy.  lots of salt (regular table salt or sea salt, mortons makes both), some olive oil, then a few drops of essential oil for scent.  mix everything into a little jar and voila: Salt scrub!

it’s especially nice in the winter when my hands are so dry. just put some on clean, dry hands, scrub scrub scrub, then rinse off.  it’s delightful.

things i learned this week:

1. tina fey’s daughter is totally a mini-me of tina. adorable.

2. pauly D is older than i am. and older than the situation.  yikes.

3. tofu can be pretty good.

4. Beauty and the Beast in 3D was better than the Lion King in 3D.


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