Goal #1: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

1 and 1/2 goals completed!

Random Fun #4: Go to a play in NYC.

Non-Measurable #1, visit NYC more
January 15, 2012: MACBETH. Starring my cousin Ian as the crazypants King of Scotland himself. With a battleaxe!

I saw Macbeth 2 years ago in England with my best friend Lee at the Globe theater. And i was glad to have an English teacher sitting beside me, cause Shakespeare can be wicked confusing.  As such, before we ventured into NYC, i did a little research on Macbeth so i would be better informed, plus it made me all the more excited to see it 🙂

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes”

This play was quite the experience.  5 of us drove into the city, went to my cousins GORGEOUS apartment for lunch with her and her actor hubby, met up with another cousin and trooped over to 54th to see the play.  We had been warned of two thing: the theater was very small, and the heating was funky, either hot or cold, so wear layers.  and both parts were true.  The theater held 35 seats, 17 on one side, 17 on the other side of a stage approximately the size of my living room floor.   I wish i had taken some pics but i was way too nervous someone would scold me in such a small theater.  true to Ians advice, our side of the theater started immediately shedding clothes in the VERY heated air (on a day where it is in the low 20s* in NYC, this is not really a bad thing), while looking across the stage we saw the other side never even took their coats off, and were actually wrapping their scarves more securely around themselves. i also kept getting distracted by the sound of birds and trying to figure out what they symbolized in macbeth, until i realized they were just pigeons outside the slightly open window….

all that aside, the show was great.  it took a while to get into the play, the first actor onstage was kind of awful and his hair/crown combo was so distracting we all focused more on trying to figure out if his hair was real than on his monologue.  but once a few better actors came out, it was easy to get wrapped up in the play itself.  Ian was great, very compelling as Macbeth and even scared his mother-in-law with the ferocity of his outbursts, and the fighting scenes of course.  Macduff was also good, his voice reminded me of Simba’s dad in the Lion King, very deep and theatrical.  Lady Macbeth was good, slightly too dramatic, but did crazy very well.  and there was a drunk guy who did fantastic.  probably one of the best fake drunks i’ve ever seen.  all in all it was a great day. the city was freezing of course, but traffic was light, it was good to see family and friends, and best of all we got to see Ian be an actor!  now i just need to stalk him on IMDB and see more of his work.

also for those of you who are curious about such things, yes i did match my nail polish to the occasion.  i put on plaid nail stickers in honor of Macbeth, who was King of Scotland, which is where plaid originated.  nailed it! (pun.)

pretty sure almost everyone has already seen this, but it still makes my day.



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