Year 2

So this year instead of trying to do one new things every week, I’m going to try and accomplish 50 goals. Lofty eh? Everytime i complete a goal i will blog about it (hopefully complete with pictures…). so while i may not be posting once a week, i should be posting around the same number of blog entries. I’m a big list maker. Like HUGE list maker. I make lists of chores to do around the house, errands i need to run, people i need call, things to get at the store, movies to see, books to read, home improvements to make. You name it, i make a list for it. I even have a template on my computer so i can make lists with the little check off boxes because i think it is incredibly satisfying to check off a box when you have completed that item.

So, if you will look at the top of the blog, i have a new page: 2012 goals.  i even divided them into categories:

  1. Travel
  2. Random Fun
  3. Athletic Achievements
  4. Home Improvements
  5. Non-Measurable

Each category holds things i want to accomplish this year.  Some are hard fast goals dedicated to improving my body, mind, spirit or house.  Some are ways i want to enjoy my year. And some are just things i want to do better with.  I don’t have 50 total goals yet because i haven’t thought of that many. which is fine by me.  i have a whole year to add up 50, and when i think of cool/important goals down the road i will add them (maybe even delete them, oooo scandalous!).  Each time i blog about a goal i will explain it in detail so you can see why i added it to my list.  Some are obvious and some are a little less so.  and some i already have scheduled or are in the planning stage.  like i said, i really like to check items off my listys. 🙂

i liked my year of something new and interesting every week, but frankly it could get a little stressful.  i mean some weeks are just not exciting. and if the week was truly exciting then i didn’t necessarily have time to blog about it.  also my work blocked a lot of websites so i can’t really blog and post to FB at work (on my lunch break OBVIOUSLY).  which makes things a big tricky time-managementwise.  so this year will be more of a big picture year instead of a little picture year.

BRING IT ON 2012, i am super prepared.


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