Week 51: Christmas. alternate title: I’m a Published Author! sort of.

Such a busy week! i’m torn between doing highlights or just writing about everything. due to my busy day, i think it will be highlights.

Pre-Christmas: Getting fancypants manicures with my momma and sister, making delicious buckeyes, watching muppet christmas carol, admiring the tree, sleeping, eating and drinking a lot.

it's a new trend i swear, not just me being weird...

christmas eve: at my uncles house, approx 30 family and friends. adorable kiddos, esp my nephew. a little game we played all night called “pass the baby”, cocktail sauce for shrimp that blew your head off every other bite, catching up, conversations, and endless eating and drinking.

Chillin with his reindeer

Christmas day! the whole family is finally together and we eat, visit, open presents, drink and repeat. for about 12 hours.

a few great presents:

– my sister made my blog into a book! very rare and limited edition printing. exactly one copy. and it’s great.

– new puffy coat from Zara. puffy enough to be toasty warm, not so puffy i couldn’t get up if i fell down.

looks better in person actually

– bodum travel mug.

loose tea conquered!

-clothes, a whole year of People (!), Gertrude Hawk, nail stickers

– a new sofa table (ahh, getting older while sounding like grandma)

Post Christmas: Planned Celtication, roasted chestnuts (over the fire!), visited friends in from out of town, family poker  night with my bro-in laws  fancy new poker chips and also worked on the Great Sister trip planning. location to be unveiled soon!

side note: i’m pretty sure i eat my recommended yearly allowance of shrimp in one week over christmas.  between TWO nights of shrimp cocktail appetizers, and one night of “angry shrimp” pasta, i must have eaten a 100 little shrimpys. i’m unsure if that is impressive or disgusting.

that may just be all you get. it’s hard to capture the holiday weekend in a blog post when most of the awesomeness is not necessarily things i can capture on film.  and lord knows i’m not good at writing sentimental, feel good, heartfelt emotions.  i do better with snark, self-deprecating humor, and shrewd observations.  the weekend, of course, abounded with a lovely cocktail (mix, stir, and shake) of all of the above.


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