Week 49: Why I would Headbutt an Intruder

Holiday Party 2011: The Halls, They are Decked

my favorite girls, tons of food, tons of wine and a gift exchange. highlights:

-Peppermint patty stuffed cookies, Everyday with rachel ray recipe

-shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce, simple yes, but delicious.

– pandora station set to christmas

– 5, count them 5 (!) christmas trees.  One real, one little fake tabletop, 2 old school ceramic with the little stick-in lights, one outside (grandma’s little tree)

– and what did we do all night? gossiped and talked about boys.  of course.

Things i’m obsessed with:
1. Chopped! amazing competition show on the Food Network. kind of like iron chef with mystery ingredients you have to use, but they get a different basket of ingredients for each course (app, entrée, dessert) and only cook one dish per course.  and after each course someone gets Chopped!

2. Ticket to Ride- awesome board game/iPad app that my friend got me hooked on (hi APM!).

It’s a strategy game where you build trains to cross the country and hit different locations. and lemme tell you something, this is the FIRST iPad app i spent $$ on (how cheapo am I huh?) and it was expensive! like $7! and then they make you pay more to buy new maps. but i am totally going to spend the $3 to buy Europe.  i already spent $1 to buy the 1910 expansion pack.  congrats Ticket to Ride- you have managed to squeeze money out of me.

weirdo dream: i dreamed i was sitting on my porch and some weird homeless/crazy type man was walking around my house saying “no, no, no, no, no” so i went inside and locked my door and then he was trying to break into my back door, which i ran and locked and he was still saying “no, no, no, no” and also he had started a bum fire (you know, fire in a barrel) on my back porch and was cooking a rabbit (on a spit obviously) over it.  not super scary per se, but super weirdo.  then i woke up and was laying on my stomach (which i never do for fear of suffocating in my pillow and the following reason) and had my arms over my head and both of them were dead asleep.  which freaked me out a little since i just had a dream about someone breaking into my house and now couldn’t even move my arms to defend myself  if it was true.  so i spent the next few minutes concocting various defense scenarios that didn’t require the use of my arms. you know: roundhouse kick, headbutt, spinning around in a circle and hitting the intruder with my dead weight arms. then i fell back asleep. is it any wonder i’m a little tired today?


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