Week 48: Tis the Season to be Festive…

This weekend i decorated my house for Christmas. i got everything done but the christmas tree (thats for next weekend). to do my christmas village i had help from my mom and my sister, and it took about 3 hours! and a lot of mulled wine… i totally see how people are obsessed with this stuff (villages, not wine. i already know why people love wine).  i am scarily close to being one of those people myself.  i have had mine for only like 3 or 4 years and i think every year it has doubled in size. but that stops this year. no more buildings. both my mantle AND my buffet are totally filled.  but it is adorably gorgeous. check it:

the residential section

the residential section

The Town

Chestnuts anyone?

one of my new favorite things this week:
my new faux fur holiday party coat!

super cute.  although i think i will sew a clasp on the front so i can close it up if i so choose.

my nephew passed out:

from a few weeks ago, but seriously, is he not the cutest thing ever? he was awesome at his first holiday party on sunday and of course i forgot to take a pic.  sheesh.

last but not least, how to make mulled wine.

pour a bottle of red wine in a pot, add some apple cider, cranberry juice, orange zest, honey, whole cloves and cinnamon sticks. heat up. drink hot. try to remember you are chugging a mug of red wine and drink slower.

bonus feature: how to eat chestnuts. cut an “X” in the top, place a few in a small bowl with a little water (like 1/8 of an inch) cover with napkin and microwave for one minute. peel and eat. try not to burn your fingers.  for those of you that are a lil more country, buy a chestnut roaster and do them over an open fire.  cut an x, toss them in, and roast away. peel and eat. try not to burn your fingers.  chestnuts are def one of my top 5 favorite foods, it makes me sad they are only around for a little while.  the only place i can find them is Wegmans where i dig thru the bin selecting and rejecting the best ones like one of the little squirrels in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


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