Week 47: Fight, Flight or Freeze.

So over Thanksgiving we were having a fight or flight discussion.  with my sister and her hubby living in a new old farmhouse they have yet to identify every creak and groan, consequently my sister wakes up during the night thinking they have an intruder (handily ignoring both the alarm system AND the crazily squeaky floors). Apparently she wakes up her hubby who all but leaps from the bed with fists of fury as his first instinct.  her is to freeze in place. so really the discussion is fight, flight or freeze.  i have to say i am a little of both fight and freeze.  in actual “situations” my instinct is to fight, but when woken out of a dead sleep i def freeze until i can identify the noise.  so i know how to better leap into action of course.  although i do rely heavily on my squeaky floors as an early detection system.

My New Favorite Thing:

Pomegranate seeds.  A ridic superfood.  full of antioxidant goodness, and  now easy to eat.  fun fact: opening a pomegranate to harvest the delicious little seeds yourself is crazy hard. and messy. pom juice dyes EVERYTHING: your hands, your shirt, your cutting board, your dishtowels, your floor. it’s a disaster area (think fast! do you stay and fight or fleeeee?). but now you can just buy them. i love when that happens.  and you may ask, how should you use them? my perfect (holiday festive) solution:

put them in the bottom of a champagne glass. or a white wine glass.  colorful, different, and chock full of antioxidants.  hello new holiday drink!

Speaking of holiday drinks, i almost lost an eye opening a bottle of hard cider that was apparently still fermenting. as soon as i peeled back the foil a quarter inch the plastic topped cork exploded out, narrowly missed my head and ricocheted around my kitchen like 4 times.  for serious, had that cork hit me in the eye i surely would be forced to have a very pirate christmas complete with eyepatch.  “Arrrrgh, merry christmas, now give me my rum…”

on the upside, mixed with ginger ale, the jack daniels barrel brewed cider is tasty taste.  and i barely notice the explosive fermentation. and for the record, i totally froze. just stood there gaping at the bottle and blinking my eyes to make sure they were still functioning.

Movie News: Muppets. obviously.

I really love the muppets.  after so long i forgot i much i loved some of them. like Animal, hilarious.  the Swedish chef, classic. Beaker, adorable.  That said the film did not live up to the hype in my head. after all the hype i was literally expecting BEST THING EVER.  it was a little slow.  but the musical numbers were good, the human actors were good, Sheldon Cooper was AMAZING, and the Muppets were the same as always, which is fantastically awesomepants.  it really was a love letter to the muppets and Jason Segal did a great job staying true to the feeling and characters.  if you like the muppets, you will like this movie and you should go see it.  if you don’t like the Muppets, then get the heck off my blog, you don’t belong here.



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