Week 46: Odds and Ends

This was a busy week full of stuff that doesn’t concern you. However, i did manage some new and different.

1. 90 minute hot Yoga. (usually do 60). Temp: 105*, Humidity: 100% (usually like 75%). literally almost died. not my best idea ever. LB and i were sweaty messes after 10 minutes. she put it best when she said breathing was like open mouth kissing someone where you aren’t kissing so much as breathing in their hot mouth air. totally gross and totally true. and we accidentally dressed identically and the instructor made fun of us. try it again buddy and next time i’ll make fun of your shorty man shorts. to your face that is, already did it behind your back. seriously, i feel like there is a large margin for error with those.

2. caught a mouse with a colander. i have never done that before. and no, i’m not gross. i live in the woods in an old cottage, and sometimes i get tiny field mice in the winter. which is why i have a havahart trap so i can catch them alive and release them back into the wild. far, far away from my house. i call it my catch and release program. but this little bugger was playing the “if i don’t move you can’t see me” game. just froze in place on my carpet.  what am i? a tyrannesorous? i dropped a colander on him and was quite pleased with myself.  he was an unusual little adventurer.  i watched him climb my fireplace then walk across the front of the stones all sideways and mission impossible like.  i probs could have caught him then but i really wanted to see if he would make it all the way across. and he did. impressive little bugger, about as long as my pinky finger. i’m sure he’s climbing trees with the same fervor.

movie news:

J. Edgar: really, really, really long. good movie, informative, learned a lot about the early FBI. you couldn’t pay me to watch it again tho. i prefer my leonardo dicaprio charming and dapper, not chubby and balding.

the Immortals: well. the action was good. Theseus was hot. scenery was super cool. story was decent (but kinda cobbled together with little backstory). the gods were ridic. and by ridic i mean actually ridiculous. seriously bad costumes. i actually researched Theseus a little before i went so i would know how accurate they were in the story.  they weren’t. and by researched i mean i went back through my notebooks from my college Classics class. my friend asked me why i didn’t just Wikipedia. um, because i have notebooks full of my own knowledge obviously.  why would i defer to someone else when i could justify keeping these notebooks. duh. but all the fun facts i gave my friends before the movie were not in there. none of them. what kind of slacker research team did this movie have? but it was still entertaining. even though the Titans looked like an ancient fooseball team in their cage.


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