Week 43: Snowtober

Freak Halloween snowstorm!

i will let the pictures speak for themselves.  snow all day long and the big fat flakes, the kind of snow that coats the trees and makes them look just gorgeous.  is it a little early for snow? yes of course, but was it gorgeous? yes of course.  on the upside it also made me excited for boots and sweaters!

check out the one leaf caught falling.  say bye to fall!

one newscaster said “not only did we have flakes the size of silver dollars, we had flakes the size of waffles!”  ……ok.  i mean are we talking full size waffles? like dinner plate waffles, or like eggo waffles? cause both seem a little ridic, but eggos at least are semi-believable.  i mean what a random size comparison.  i would have gone with “as big as my hand” or “the size of a post-it” or even “as big as an i-Phone!” you know, something that has a standard size. waffle loving idiot.

movie news: Puss in Boots- not that funny.  i even took kids and they didn’t really laugh!  too much backstory and flashbacks, not enough humor.  and no donkey! who, lets face it, is the funniest part of shrek….

i can’t believe October is over. it flew by! and i’ve caved to merchandiser pressures (as i do) and already started christmas shopping!

get excited for next week.  get Really excited.  cause my construction is done.  coming soon to a blog near you: Utility room Pictures! New closet pictures! and New Bathroom Pictures!  ohboyohboyohboy…..


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