Week 42: Holistic failures and Birchbox

Holistic failure: i thought i could cure a sinus cold with my neti pot, Yogi: Cold Season tea, salt water gargle, multivitamins, and chicken soup. 

what really is curing my sinus cold: Sudafed (the behind the counter kind) and mucinex. 

chemicals trump nature once again.

thats all been done before so the new thing for this week is: Birchbox.  i’ve been doing this for 2 months now, and signed up for 6 so i have 4 more to go! Basically it’s a monthly delivery of trial sized beauty products sent to your door. a little present every month if you will.  It’s $10 a month and i decided to sign up because i like to try new products and don’t want to shell out the cash for full size.  obvious right? but is it worth the $10 a month?  so far i would say yes.  i like what i’ve gotten and have used almost everything which is a good sign.  AND, while i may not love the products enough to buy a full size, they do make awesome travel products. 

September Birchbox:

1. LIV GRN C2C Fragrance in Natural- nice enough. good to put in my purse.

2. Blinc mascara- forms a “tube” around your eyelash and is supposed to be completely waterproof.  survey says: great mascara, but doesn’t hold up in hot yoga. at the end of the class i wiped my face and was left with a towel full of mascara “tubes”.  freaked me out till i remembered the mascara… but good for less extreme situations.

3.  Incoco Nail Polish Applique- awesome. see last post. and at $7-10 paid for the sept box basically.

4. Jouer Lip Enhancer- always nice to have lip stuff for the purse.

5. The Lash Card- haven’t used it yet. basically you put it behind your eyelashes when you put mascara on so you don’t get it on your eyelid.  unnecessary, but i’ll probs use it one day.

October Birchbox:

1. Orofluido Elixir- interesting.  a hair oil that smells good and makes your hair shiny and smoothes flyaways. basically moroccan oil.  again, perfect for my travel bag. and i think good for winter when my hair gets dry and static-y.

2. AHAVA rich cleansing cream- good travel face wash. very mild.

3. Laura Gellar Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Primer in Bronze- very nice.  probs wouldn’t shell out for full bottle, but i will def use this large sample size until it’s gone. good primer and gives you a hint of color.  again- very good for winter.  made october box worth the $10.

4. Befine Belips: Lip exfoliator and serum Duo pack- eh, kind of oily.

5. The Laundress Delicate Wash- will stick in my laundry room and use next time i do a load of delicates.

Random stuff:

how did we survive before: heated seats and swiffers.  seriously. how did we clean before swiffers? and after having heated seats, i can’t go back. don’t make me!

my friend and i were discussing our middle school celebrity crushes.  obvi JTT, and Devon Sawa, and Jonathan Brandis, and Andrew Keegan, although we disagreed on Rider Strong. but seriously, apparently we (and the other readers of Bop!) had terrible taste cause none of them really made it big…. it also makes me question myself seeing as i had a poster of JTT on my wall. and i’m pretty sure he was wearing a beret…. clearly the Beiber of the early 90’s.

construction update: my closet is done. and it is GORGEOUS. i’ve already almost filled my wall of shelves/boxes.  i’ve color coded my sweaters. and my shirts. i’m making one whole section of hanging bar for work clothes.  my closet looks like the Gap. and i love it.


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